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Water Damage in Mount Kisco

3/22/2020 (Permalink)

water damaged home “Like it never even happened.”

Water Damage in Mount Kisco Homes Gets Detailed Attention to Lessen Loss

When water damage happens, it is difficult to clean up as a DIY project without missing some of it. That is why when the scale of the loss has the potential to seep under flooring, saturate carpeting, or wick into walls; it is vital to bring in professional help.

SERVPRO techs work hard to remove all of the water damage from Mount Kisco homes and restore them to their preloss condition. This level of restoration service comes with extensive training adhering to the standards as taught through the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), a non-profit dedicated to the promotion of best practices.

Along with comprehensive skills education, the technicians have access to a vast array of specialized equipment to handle all types of water extraction and drying properties. When sewage or contaminants are part of the equation, they have personal protective gear, including respirators with HEPA filtration, to inhibit the likelihood of breathing in airborne particulate.

How SERVPRO Techs Determine the Scale of Water Loss
Because water follows both the laws of gravity and the path of least resistance, it goes down as much as possible. The techs use their advanced moisture detection equipment that allows them to "see" behind walls and under floors to determine if the area needs extraction and drying.

What Happens When Water Gets Missed?
If water seeps into the subflooring, it can cause foul odors, mold, and tile delamination, all of which are much more costly issues to fix. When water invades wall cavities behind baseboards, mold infestations have the potential to grow unseen and spread until a large amount of the sheetrock requires removal turning a water loss problem into mold remediation.

How Does Professional Drying Differ?
When the techs set up drying equipment, they often turn to centrifugal air movers. These little powerhouses deliver air at such a high velocity they cause embedded moisture to rise. Then the carefully placed dehumidification equipment grabs the water vapor and ports it offsite. This cycle continues until the loss area is dry.

Contact SERVPRO of Northern Westchester County at (914) 241-8100 when you need any size water damage removed and your home restored to its preloss condition, “Like it never even happened.”

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Become Familiar With Commercial Water Damage Remediation Services in Mount Kisco

3/8/2020 (Permalink)

picture of blind justice lady Your law office needs to be professional and clean at all times. Contact SERVPRO at any sign of water damage.

Commercial Water Removal From Your Mount Kisco Law Office 

A water leak in your law office restroom is a giant nuisance and potentially detrimental to business. There are also implications for important documentation if near the floor level or improperly stored. It is essential to keep your office functional while important cleanup and restoration occurs. First things first, ensure the water main is turned off, and the leak stops. Then, move any physical documentation exposed to moisture to a dry area, or out of the building. Before canceling all of your upcoming appointments, you may want to seek professional assistance.

When you want to keep your business running as usual, commercial water removal in Mount Kisco presents a unique set of challenges compared to dealing with water removal within your home. When a house has water damage, it typically does not matter if there are large pieces of visible equipment and people working. When it is your office, and you have clients coming in to meet you, it is crucial to keep a low profile to maintain a professional front, so the business does not suffer.

SERVPRO restoration and water removal technicians come to assess the damage to devise a plan as soon as possible, knowing how important it is to keep everything running smoothly. If some of your office contents suffered damage, technicians might remove them to clean the items in a secured off-site storage facility. If documents do not have a digital copy and need restoration, SERVPRO calls in a document restoration specialist to assist. 

Extraction, if needed in carpeted areas, usually occurs using portable extraction equipment outside of regular business hours, so the work does not disrupt employees and clients. An essential piece in drying the impacted area is the facilitation of evaporation. Technicians strategically place surface-level air movers around the office to blow warm, dry air exhausted by dehumidifiers placed in out of the way corners. 

SERVPRO is available for any size disaster 24/7 and understands the cost of business and the importance of uninterrupted workflow. Contact SERVPRO of Northern Westchester County at (914) 241-8100. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Flood Damage and Restoration in your Mount Kisco Home

2/28/2020 (Permalink)

flooding in home When your home has flood damage, cleanup needs to begin as soon as possible.

Facts About Flood Damage and Restoration in Mount Kisco Homes

Flood damage is one of the most devastating events that can happen in a home as little as half-an-inch of water can wreak havoc to the floors, walls, and contents.

When flood damage occurs in a Mount Kisco residence, one of the first actions to take it to ensure everyone, including pets, is safe. Then contact SERVPRO to start the extraction and restoration process.

Floodwater is Considered a Biohazard
Even if floodwater only affected a portion of a property, it is often best to make arrangements to stay elsewhere, mainly until SERVPRO technicians arrive on-site to test the water. There is the potential for anything from pathogens, bacteria, and sewage is likely. When the techs arrive, they wear personal protective gear, including respirators, so they do not aspirate any harmful airborne particulate.

The Danger of Shock is Real
Another reason it may not be safe to stay within the home during cleanup is the danger of electrical shock. Plugs in the floors, or if the floodwater reaches outlets all contribute to the possibility of an electrical hazard. The techs bring their own generators to power their equipment so the electricity being shut off does not hinder the cleanup.

Most Things Saturated by Floodwater Require Disposal
The goal of SERVPRO techs is always to save homeowners the cost of replacing items. However, for structural components such as sheetrock, subfloor, and carpeting, those items have no potential for sanitization for reuse and get removed.

Non-Porous Items Have the Best Potential
The home contents that fare the best in a flood loss situation are things that cannot absorb water. The techs have different cleaning applications to use, such as the immersion method in an antimicrobial or antibacterial solution to restore the item to its pre-water loss condition.

Assistance with Filing Insurance Claims
It is stressful enough dealing with flood loss in the home, and the techs create a report for homeowners to use during the restoration process. It includes a detailed description and photo of all items requiring discarding to assist with expediting the insurance claim.

When your home has flood damage, cleanup needs to begin as soon as possible. Call SERVPRO of Northern Westchester County at (914) 241-8100, and their emergency response teams are available 24/7 to make the water loss in any size property, “Like it never even happened.”

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We Have Effective Techniques To Restore Your Mount Kisco Home After A Fire

2/19/2020 (Permalink)

A room in a home covered in soot and smoke damage after a fire After a fire hit this home we removed all the charred building elements and belongings and deodorized the home. We act fast to prevent further damage.

Deodorizing after Fire Damage in Your Mount Kisco Home

After a fire, one of the most challenging issues is ridding your home and all of its contents of the awful smoke-smell. It is vital to use the appropriate deodorization procedures so that you are not smelling smoke for weeks or months to come. Surprisingly, even the smallest of fires can permeate smoke throughout your entire home.

If you have fire damage after a fire in Mount Kisco, chances are you need to deodorize your home in conjunction with cleaning and repairing any structural damage that you may have. Contents within the home may best undergo cleaning and deodorization in an offsite facility while the rest of your home is undergoing deodorization.

Fire damage restoration involves both removing the smoke residues and also deodorizing the smoke odors/ The first step is to remove the odor source if possible. However, it is essential to leave debris until the insurance company or fire department inspect and make the appropriate assessments. Next, SERVPRO technicians clean odor-causing residues from surfaces using a detergent/deodorant solution such as SERVPRO's specially formulated detergent/deodorizer Wall and All Surface Cleaner. Using odor counteracting beads or pellets helps to control odor vapors.

It is critical to inspect for odor pockets in crawl spaces, small spaces above ceilings, and wall cavities. SERVPRO technicians re-create the conditions of odor penetration by using either a thermal or ULV fogger to dissipate deodorizer throughout the home attacking smoke odors in every nook and cranny. During this process, residents and pets most likely need to leave the premises for safety purposes while the technicians wear personal protective gear limiting any chemical exposure.

After the technicians fog the impacted areas, they inspect the HVAC system, especially if it was in use during the fire. They may choose to place cheesecloth over the vents to determine the amount and severity of the smoke within the HVAC system, while also acting as a filter to stop any smoke vapors from re-entering the home.

Contact SERVPRO of Northern Westchester County for 24/7 assistance after a fire at (914) 241-8100.

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Our Experts Can Save Your Water Damaged Mount Kisco Kitchen

2/7/2020 (Permalink)

water damaged property For assistance removing water, contact SERVPRO of Northern Westchester County 24/7 at (914) 241-8100.

Water Cleanup in Your Mount Kisco Kitchen

Coming home after work to an inch of standing water in your kitchen on a hot summer day is incredibly frustrating. You may not even be sure what to do first. After you turn off the water main, and the source of the leak attended to, you need to go about removing this excess water and mitigating further damage as quickly as possible.

Having a water cleanup in your Mount Kisco kitchen requires special care to ensure that your home does not incur any secondary damage such as soggy drywall or the growth of potentially harmful mold infestations. There are two significant issues that you need to deal with in this scenario, extracting the water, and dealing with the relative humidity (RH) in your kitchen. This is of particular concern because it is the summer and humidity levels are already high.

SERVPRO technicians first tackle the task of extracting the excess water. In this case, technicians use a truck-mounted extractor using a powerful vacuum to remove the excess water. They run off the vehicle's fuel and pull the water into the truck with the ability to hold 70 to 100 gallons of water. Using the truck-mounted extractor removes a majority of the water, and portable extractors remove the rest. They are smaller, more convenient, and can fit into most small areas within a kitchen. Unlike the truck-mounted extractor, the portable requires a power source either from inside the structure or a generator.

After SERVPRO technicians remove all visible excess water, they go about the task of strategically placing high-velocity air movers and dehumidifiers around the kitchen to facilitate drying. While the room is drying, it is essential to consider the RH levels within the home. The goal is to keep the RH level below 60%, using the air movers and dehumidifiers to assist in that task by effectively pulling the moisture out of the air and blowing warm dry air back into the room.

Technicians use thermo-hygrometers (hygrometers) to measure the RH levels, comparing five areas within the worksite to ensure appropriate RH goals. They measure the air in the affected areas, the air in the unaffected areas within the structure, the air exhausted from the dehumidifier, and lastly, the air coming out of the HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning unit). These are necessary measurements to determine a baseline for the structure and an appropriate RH goal for the affected area. Attaining the goal and bringing the RH down to ideal levels help the restorers know when the job is complete without over-drying the contents of the room or bringing the RH level down too far.

For assistance removing water, contact SERVPRO of Northern Westchester County 24/7 at (914) 241-8100. We are your neighbors, too, and close by to help.

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Why We Are The Right Choice In Water Damage Restoration In Mount Kisco

1/21/2020 (Permalink)

A long carpeted hallway with water damage spots This hallway shows wet carpeting after a water damage disaster. Our experts arrived right away and began restoration to prevent further damage.

Expert Help for Water Damaged Contents: Why SERVPRO Is the First Choice in Mount Kisco

When an appliance overflows or a supply line bursts, the structure of your Mount Kisco home is not the only victim. Water can be destructive to personal belongings and furnishings as well. Our crews are qualified not only to remove water from and dry out walls, floors, and ceilings, but also to manage, mitigate, and remediate damage to the furniture that makes your home functional and comfortable. This full-spectrum service avoids hiring additional contractors, why we are a water loss industry leader.

Upholstered Furniture Concerns

After water damage to your Mount Kisco residence, your padded and fabric-covered chairs, couches, and other furnishings also need attention. The moisture affects upholstered furniture in several ways:

Deterioration of Wood Framing

A wooden frame supports most upholstered furniture. When water saturates the frame, the wood fiber swells and might crack. Joints become loose as interlocked parts distort and wood glue or other adhesives dissolve and breakdown.

Color Bleeding/Oxidation

Stains and varnishes on wooden legs and braces can transfer to carpeting and floors when wet. Dyes in fabrics can run and drip on floors and rub on other furnishings, walls, and clothing. Metal fittings and decorations can oxidize or rust, staining the upholstery and nearby structures.

Water Spots

Some fabrics are prone to water spotting. The spots can remain visible even after drying.

Mold and Mildew Growth

Dampness that persists more than 24 to 48 hours can fuel mold spores already in the environment. The fabrics, padding, and wood framing all provide organic nutrients to feed a microbial outbreak.

Wood Furniture Concerns

Furniture without fabric or padding also suffers damage that can become permanent, why SERVPRO specially trained technicians must respond quickly. Damage to solid wood furniture includes spotting, cracking, and swelling. Similarly to upholstered furniture, fitted and glued joints can come apart. Furniture made from particleboard covered with laminate is hard to restore. The laminate repels water and acts as a vapor barrier. Meanwhile, the pressed wood foundation soaks up water and buckles or warps, separating from the laminate surface. 

Steps We Take to Dry Furniture Appropriately

Our crew members complete coursework developed by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) in anticipation of furniture remediation challenged. Our experience in drying furniture is a key reason why SERVPRO’s services are highly regarded. We take the following steps among others to bring your furniture back to preloss condition:

  • Pre-treat stains
  • Wet entire piece of furniture if needed to reduce water spotting
  • Extract moisture with appropriate upholstery tools
  • Dry buttons and zippers and insert waxed paper between them and the cushions/fabric to prevent rust transfer
  • Place foil or blocks under legs to stop staining of flooring
  • Tent cushions and position air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers as needed

A comprehensive understanding of contents water removal and drying is why SERVPRO of Northern Westchester County delivers premier results. Call us at (914) 241-8100 to schedule an assessment and start mitigations and remediation.

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Flood Damage Mount Kisco – Always Turnoff Electric

1/14/2020 (Permalink)

Electrical box on a wall in a home. Mount Kisco please be aware of the dangers of electrocution from live electrical wires after a flood damage.

SERVPRO has your back when it comes to your Mount Kisco water damage.

Whenever there is flood or water damage, most consumers are focused on the damage caused by the water to their homes and their contents. There are personal keepsakes, furniture, clothing, electronics, and so on, which causes many people to worry. Some panic, many are distraught, wondering where to live and how to recover from a significant flood. Many people are not alert to the dangers of electrocution from live electrical wires that could cause a shock or worse.

This concern is one of the reasons when SERVPRO assesses flood damage in Mount Kisco homes and businesses before starting work activities. We always check for electrical hazards. Water may have flooded various areas of the house. All electrical circuits should be turned off in these rooms to avoid potential electric shock if the power to the home has failed, shut off these circuits at the main electrical panel. 

External Power Generators

In situations like these, external power generators can be beneficial. These systems provide power to run any equipment needed to remove water and clean the home. Water pumps, vacuums, lights, water extractors, and dehumidifiers are among the devices that need power.

One of the concerns about water damage is the ongoing damage that can occur if rooms, floors, and contents are not cleaned immediately. SERVPRO can begin work without delay by utilizing portable power generators.

Loss of Food Due to Spoilage

Food items touched by floodwaters are often contaminated by foreign bacteria, viruses, and soil. Remove these food items to avoid potential health issues. However, frequently food items in refrigerators and freezers can be saved. If the electrical power is off for more than a few hours, food items can begin to thaw and spoil. We can use portable power generators to run critical appliances, saving the occupants hundreds of dollars.

Call SERVPRO of Northern Westchester County at (914) 241-8100 for 24/7 service. We proudly serve Bedford, Pound Ridge, and surrounding areas. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Commercial Water Damage In Your Mount Kisco Restaurant

1/14/2020 (Permalink)

restored kitchen after damage SERVPRO of Northern Westchester County can ensure that your business looks, “Like it never even happened.”

Stopping Commercial Water Damage in a Mount Kisco Restaurant

Water damage is a pain for any business to endure. Whether it is a pipe leak in the kitchen or overflowing fixtures in bathrooms, it can be overwhelming for small business owners to have to tackle this type of damage. Fortunately, there is a team that can help.

If your Mount Kisco restaurant needs commercial water damage mitigation from experienced professionals, the experts at SERVPRO have extensive experience in cleaning and restoring restaurants to their preloss condition. Whether the source of the leak is in your kitchen, storage area, bathrooms, or front of the house, SERVPRO tools and techniques are designed to meet local, state, and federal sanitation requirements for commercial spaces.

Flooring Requirements for Commercial Restrooms
    •    Keep it low maintenance. Consider a surface that is both cost-effective and easy to maintain. A quality vinyl floor, for example, does not require polish or wax. Better still, many vinyl installations can be implemented without grout lines, which minimizes the risk of water penetrating structural materials underneath the floor.
    •    Water resistance. Restroom flooring should be nonporous and water-resistant. Some flooring solutions run the risk of delamination, which can affect the ability of tiles to adhere to the floor. In the event of a water damage issue, replacement may be more cost-effective and sanitary than repair depending on the disaster.
    •    Scratch and scuff resistance. Many commercial restroom floors are installed with a protective polyurethane topcoat or similar vapor barrier. While this is excellent for commercial purposes, it can sometimes present unique challenges for restoration, as water often seeps into wall trim or counters. However, this can be combated using water-resistant paints and other precautions.

How SERVPRO Can Help
When working with a commercial restroom, one of the most pressing concerns is maintaining sanitary conditions. SERVPRO takes health and safety very seriously, and only uses OSHA-approved, EPA-registered antimicrobials during the disinfection process.

SERVPRO can utilize mops, squeegees, and extraction wands to eliminate the presence of standing water. If the damage is caused by a pipe leak or clean toilet overflow, technicians can prepare the space for drying with air movers and dehumidifiers. Technicians can use rovers to address water-affected carpet outside of the restroom.

SERVPRO of Northern Westchester County can ensure that your business looks, “Like it never even happened.” Call (914) 241-8100 any time of the day or night for emergency response cleanup.

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You Can Count On Our Experts To Restore Your Yorktown Heights Home After A Fire

12/26/2019 (Permalink)

Damaged wiring that caused a fire in this attic Our experts can inspect your attic and reveal damaged wiring and charred and blackened roof sheathing material to prevent a fire in your home.

Professional Skills Needed to Clean Fire Damage Residues in Yorktown Heights

Fire harms your Yorktown Heights home in a wide variety of ways. Heat and flames can warp and char materials. Water used to knock down the fire can soak into structural components and contents. Smoke moves throughout every space in your home, even far from the ignition site. Solid particulates, better known as soot, form deposits on surfaces, including ceilings, walls, floors, and furnishings. The use of appropriate skills, methods, and products to clean off these residues makes a significant difference in how quickly and thoroughly your home returns to preloss condition.

Comprehensive Inspection

Although we know you are anxious to resolve the fire damage to your Yorktown Heights home, a thorough inspection of every affected area and surface must precede cleanup and restoration work. We develop a phase by phase, step by step plan to address all aspects of your home’s unique circumstances. Choices made by firefighters require immediate resolution, with water and chemical removal job one. The materials burned and the types of surfaces upon which residues deposit provide the data to inform our project manager on what cleaning methods and products to select for optimal outcomes.

Full-Spectrum of Disaster Resolution Services 

SERVPRO excels at fire damage restoration because our Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)-trained managers and technicians earn multiple certifications in the broad range of skills needed to return your home to preloss condition. Our equipment is also top-notch, efficient, and innovative, specifically designed to manage the tasks necessary to clear water, remove soot, and remediate charring, among other goals. 

Combination of Proper Technique and Proprietary Products

The bulk of fire damage mitigation and remediation involves soot removal. Conventional cleaning products, particularly those that boast the capability to clean a multitude of soils off a variety of surfaces, can disappoint. The SERVPRO training and experience impresses as we adjust the elements of cleaning -- temperature, agitation, chemical action, and time -- based on industry best practices. The choice of cleaning solutions is deliberate and matched to the type of soot, whether dry, wet, or protein-based. 

Relying on the skills of SERVPRO of Northern Westchester County leads to successful outcomes after a fire disaster. Call us at (914) 241-8100 to see how our training and well-researched products deliver the results you desire and deserve.

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Mount Kisco Property Owners Know to Call SERVPRO for Water Damage Restoration and Mold Remediation

12/18/2019 (Permalink)

roof rafters water damaged, but cleaned of mold Water Damage and Mold Remediation Are Likely Partners in a Mount Kisco Attic--SERVPRO Can Restore Your Property!

Water and Mold Damage Leave Moldy Rafters in a Mount Kisco Home

Airborne mold spores are always present, and when there is a plumbing issue or weakness in the structure of a Mount Kisco residence allowing water in, the potential for water and mold damage increases.

SERVPRO technicians handled the cleanup of rafters due to water and mold damage in a Mount Kisco home. The mold remediation process is similar to water loss restoration in many ways; however, there are extract steps to protect the rest of the house from cross-contamination and avoid spreading the mold spores.

Scoping the Property
The SERVPRO technicians use their moisture detection equipment to "see" through walls, within ceilings, and under floors to determine all areas of excessive moisture that could also point to where a mold colony may be currently growing beside the conspicuous colonies visible on the rafters. If the damage is due to a roof leak, the technicians can put a tarp over the roof to stop any further damage until the homeowner makes the necessary repairs.

Rafters Get Abated
Containment around the area with mold damage is critical to stop the further spread of spores. When mold grows on an organic surface such as wood, SERVPRO techs take steps to dry the colonies and then remove the matter cleanly. They use their air movers and dehumidification equipment, along with air scrubbers to keep airborne particulate to a minimum and dry the areas with mold colonies.

Once dry, the technicians use hand vacuums fitted with HEPA filters to gently collect the loose, dried material left behind from drying the colonies on the rafters. If the wood has matter stuck to it, the technicians have access to various kinds of equipment for removal. Soda blasting, where sodium bicarbonate (also known as baking soda) gets delivered at a high velocity to a surface, is frequently chosen. This method is a gentle way to thoroughly remove dried colonies from wood with minimal damage to the surface. Afterward, they apply antimicrobial sealants to discourage any regrowth. And this is how SERVPRO can restore and not replace expensive roof supports in your home.

When water and mold damage happens, call SERVPRO of Northern Westchester County at (914) 241-8100, The certified technicians have the equipment and experience to make the loss "Like it never even happened."