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Sewage and Water Cleanup in Mount Kisco Homes Needs Professional Care

5/3/2021 (Permalink)

hole in ceiling from a water leak SERVPRO offers water damage cleanup after a toilet overflows and creates a mess in your Mount Kisco ceiling

SERVPRO Can Extract Hazardous Water Damage in Mount Kisco Properties Safely

Of all the types of water damage that can affect a property, sewage-tainted issues are by far one of the most dangerous kinds of mitigation. Coming into contact with the water or breathing in the water vapor can introduce bacteria or pathogens into a person with the potential to cause illness.

SERVPRO technicians have decades of experience dealing with water cleanup in Mount Kisco homes. Some of the most common reasons are toilet backups, sewer mainline blockage, or a forgotten tub that overflowed. 

The techs wear personal protective equipment and put up containment to stop cross-contamination. They also bring their proprietary liquid solutions to treat the water to make it safer to handle during extraction and clean surfaces that came into contact with the water. The three most common types of agents to see during this type of water damage mitigation include:

  • Antimicrobial
  • Disinfectants
  • Sanitizers

SERVPRO of Northern Westchester County at (914) 241-8100 serves the local Mount Kisco area for all types of water cleanup. From a leaking roof from storms to sewage backups, the techs can make it, "Like it never even happened."

Yorktown Heights Business Owners Trust SERVPRO for Commercial Fire Damage Restoration

4/27/2021 (Permalink)

burned out food store Retail store owners count on SERVPRO for fire damage cleanup to their Yorktown Heights shops

SERVPRO Has the Tools and Applications for Successful Fire Restoration Services

Post-fire cleanup in commercial properties should get outsourced to a professional mitigation company. Soot can get spread to currently unaffected areas, and improper cleaning methods can further damage the structure and contents.

SERVPRO technicians can begin commercial fire damage restoration in Yorktown Heights structures as soon as the fire department confirms the techs can enter the work-site.

The techs get to work removing charred debris and separating articles for hand-cleaning applications outside the damage zone.

Odor control is crucial

Odor control methods are crucial for capping off a restoration service. There should never be a hint of smoke scent within the property or contents. SERVPRO techs have numerous pieces of equipment such as thermal foggers and ULV misters along with solutions to neutralize odors within the building:

  • Water-based odor counteractants to mix with other cleaners
  • Solvent-based deodorizers
  • Sealants

It is vital that porous items such as upholstered furnishings in reception rooms and offices get tested to ensure that the fabric can tolerate exposure to the cleaning agent chosen for the best outcome.

SERVPRO of Northern Westchester County at (914) 241-8100 brings years of experience and expertise to Yorktown Heights commercial fire damage cleanup jobs.

Flood Damage Cleanup in Yorktown Heights Homes Professionally Done by SERVPRO

4/22/2021 (Permalink)

equipment drying pad Floodwater removal and drying with SERVPRO's advanced equipment in this Yorktown Heights finished basement.

Yorktown Heights Homeowners Rely on SERVPRO for Complete Water Damage Restoration Services

Yorktown Heights has a population of under 2,000 residents; however, for its size, the town has a large number of historical landmarks, particularly related to the American Revolution and colonial times.

Historical Landmarks to Visit in Yorktown Heights

Yorktown Heights possesses many historical landmarks, specifically related to Colonial times and the Revolutionary War. Key points of interest to visit in the town are:

  • Hyatt House
  • Lanes Tavern
  • The Davenport House

The Hyatt House is also referred to as the Boehme-Martens House. This structure is one of the few houses built before the Revolutionary War that is still standing in the northern section of town. The home belonged to Colonel Hyatt, who served as part of the local militia during the American Revolution. The house received a listing in the Registry of Historic Landmarks in 1976.

Lane's Tavern was built in the early 1700s. This pre-Revolutionary home has ten bedrooms and is among the oldest residential homes still standing in the area. The tavern is now a residence, but the house is maintained with much of the original structure intact.

The Davenport House is an important historical landmark in Yorktown Heights. This house, built in 1750, played an important role in history. Initially, it served as headquarters for a Rhode Island regiment during the Revolutionary War. The house was situated in the center of a surprise attack that resulted in several deaths, including several military officers. Another important role of the Davenport House was a haven on the Underground Railroad to shelter runaway slaves after escaping from the South. The home has been listed as a Historic Site since 1976.

New and Old Croton Dam

The original Croton Dam, now referred to as Old Croton Dam, finished in 1842. Constructed as a gravity dam that was 57 feet high and 670 feet long. The dam impounded water for use by residents in the area. This dam functioned until the New Croton Dam that could handle a much larger water load opened. Once the New Croton Dam took on all the duties once split with the Old Croton Dam, the dam was taken offline, and the town sank it at a depth of 34 feet.

Flood Damage From Storms in Yorktown Heights Needs Fast Cleanup

Heavy rains can turn into flash floods quickly in the Yorktown Heights area, and flood damage is something every resident should be prepared for. Because bad weather can strike at any time of the day or night, SERVPRO technicians are ready 24/7 for emergency services water damage cleanup.

The fleet vehicles make the difference for water damage restoration in local properties. SERVPRO technicians can bring a single van loaded with equipment, or for large-scale water clean up, they can bring vans and trucks ready to extract thousands of gallons of water and dry the property. In particular, floodwater that enters a home has a high probability of contamination from a host of sources, including:

  • Sewage
  • Unsanitary agents
  • Harmful bacteria and fungi

SERVPRO of Northern Westchester County at (914) 241-8100 is Faster To Any Size Disaster to handle restoration services for flood damage in Yorktown Heights residential properties.

Where Do Homeowners in Mount Kisco Go For Fire Damage Restoration?

4/7/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Equipment and technicians If you need professional assistance with fire damage, Call in the experts at (914) 241-8100. We are always available to help you!

SERVPRO Provides Professional Fire Damage Services to Return your Home to Pre Loss Condition

Cleaning and restoration services often reduce the expenses of a fire damage claim. Replacement is usually the expensive portion of insurance claims. While there are things in a fire that may need to be replaced, restoration can be the better way to go.

Restoration Instead of Replacement

After a fire, you need fire damage restoration in Mount Kisco, and SERVPRO can help. Restoration involves such things as:

  • Repainting structural surfaces
  • Recovering upholstered contents
  • Refinishing wood content

Restoring costs much less than replacement or resurfacing. Our technicians apply the principles and elements of cleaning to return your home to preloss condition. This, in turn, lessens the loss expense of a fire claim.

Basic Principle of Cleaning Fire Damaged Homes

There are certain principles of cleaning restorers apply, and they include:

  • Inspecting the area to locate smoke residue
  • Identify the types of residue
  • Identify the type of surface
  • Capture and remove residues
  • Dispose of residues

We start the inspection near the source of the fire and trace how far the smoke has moved. More than one kind of smoke residue can be present. The technicians determine the type of residue and then apply the appropriate cleaning methods. The surface impacted determines the cleaning agents used for restoration. For professional fire damage restoration services, contact SERVPRO of Northern Westchester County at (914) 241-8100.

Are Wet Vacs Used in Water Mitigation for a Yorktown Heights Residence?

3/26/2021 (Permalink)

Flooded laundry area If your laundry room us under water, call the professionals at SERVPRO for swift and efficient mitigation services.

SERVPRO uses a Number of Tools to Handle Water Damage in Yorktown Heights Homes

When you experience in-home flooding due to something like your washing machine overflowing, you can end up with standing water. Water like this can soon cause serious damage, which is why it needs immediate attention. SERVPRO has the tools and equipment to handle all types of water intrusions.

Wet Vacuums are Powerful Tools

If you have had a situation where you need water mitigation in your Yorktown Heights home, there are several tools our technicians use to deal with the problem. One of the main pieces of equipment we use for water extraction is a wet vacuum. They are lightweight and versatile. They can be moved from one area of the house to another with ease. They are the typical choice for water under 2 inches. They can also remove trapped moisture in material such as hardwood floors and carpeting. Other top tools we use for water damage restoration include:

  • Trash Pumps 
  • High-Pressure Pumps
  • Electric Submersible Pumps
  • Truck Mounted Pumps

Once the water is extracted, we begin the drying process using commercial air movers and dehumidifiers. Before you know it, your home is returned to you, “Like it never even happened.” For more information, contact SERVPRO of Northern Westchester County at (914) 241-8100.

What Does the Color of the Smoke Indicate?

3/19/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicle SERVPRO professionals are trained to handle every level of fire damage. Call us today, we are always available.

Smoke Color can Indicate the Fire Restoration Processes SERVPRO Needs to Use 

New York may be limited in eat-in places right now, but that does not mean the food choices are not still great. Mount Kisco has some excellent restaurants and diners. Even if you are eating in, we encourage everyone to support their local business. We do here at SERVPRO. Here are some of our favorite food places.

Mount Kisco Coach Diner

Diners are the hidden treasures of the restaurant world. Smaller than a typical restaurant they provide down-home, delicious food in a cozy atmosphere. This eatery has a traditional diner look and serves up generous portions to its loyal customers. They have a wide array of dishes, and the desserts are scrumptious. If you enjoy typical diner food, you will like this restaurant.

The Turk

Mediterranean food is what is on the menu at this restaurant. The lamb kabobs are a favorite, and they even make lamb tacos. Their pita bread is served fresh out of the oven and pairs nicely with their hummus. Music is played on traditional Turkish instruments, which really adds to the ambiance. And if you are a rice pudding fan, that alone is worth the trip. The baklava is right up there with the rice pudding. You might even want to skip the meal and just enjoy the desserts!

La Tulipe Desserts

While not a restaurant, this bakery deserves to be listed as one of the amazing places to get delicious delicacies in Mount Kisco. It is a French-style bakery, filled with:

  •   Pastries
  •   Cookies
  •   Chocolates
  •   Savory treats
  •   Croissants

You can also get cakes and many other specialty items such as pain de mie and brioche. They are well known for their opera cakes. They carry a lovely selection of croissants, with the almond being a local favorite. 

Kisco River Eatery

If you want a higher-end experience, this restaurant is an excellent choice. They offer up some fantastic choices such as salmon and chicken caprice, but you can also get burgers and chicken wings. They have a happy hour menu, which is nice. It is a great place to go with friends and family and enjoy a delicious meal while relaxing in a wonderful atmosphere.

Little Crepe Street

This homey little restaurant serves up a yummy array of crepes. You can get dessert crepes or savory. They have gluten-free crepe options as well. They also offer salads and other dishes. The campfire crepes are a big hit, especially with the kids. A nice place to enjoy a meal, especially for lunch or breakfast.

SERVPRO Provides Fire Restoration Services to Mount Kisco

Smoke is prevalent even with small fires. The type of smoke can vary and present itself in different colors. The smoke color can be an indication of what fire restoration processes may be needing during the clean-up. The colors usually seen are:

  •   White smoke
  •   Grey smoke
  •   Black smoke

Smoke consists of different substances which contribute to the color. White smoke is made up of high content of water vapor or aerosols. This can mean widespread wet smoke residues on the surface. Black smoke can indicate synthetic material, a highly volatile fire, or incomplete combustion of materials helping to fuel the fire. 

Smoke Colors and Methods and Products

  • From the above dry, powderly residues to stickly synthetics or grease fire films we can use
  • solvent-based cleaners
  • water-base cleaners
  • dry sponges
  • brushes
  • media blasting with dry ice pellets or bicarbonate of soda

SERVPRO technicians are prepared to provide fire restoration services no matter the type of smoke or the fire's size. Contact SERVPRO of Northern Westchester County at (914) 241-8100 for professional services that remove smoke residue from your home.

Steps to Successful Mold Damage Remediation in Yorktown Heights

3/1/2021 (Permalink)

mold growing on the walls of a room Spot mold? Contact our SERVPRO team to figure out the cause and remediate the mold damage.

Mold Damage in Yorktown Heights Requires Professional Attention

Natural disasters and water events can damage your home and leave secondary damage in their wake. Mold can easily creep into your home when excess humidity exists, and its presence may not be evident until it has spread significantly. Relying on a professional restoration crew is the best approach towards removing mold and thwarting its spread.

Mold remediation services in Yorktown Heights are available by calling our 24-hour hotline at SERVPRO. 

Our technicians are quick to arrive at your home and decide on the best approach based on their vast knowledge of restoration techniques. Crucial to an effective mold remediation job are the following:

Mold Remediation Steps

  • Return of humidity to normal levels by using dehumidifiers and water extraction equipment
  • Isolation of affected areas if possible
  • Removal of mold colonies through soda blasting or sanding as needed
  • Application of anti-microbial solutions as appropriate

SERVPRO of Northern Westchester County is here to support homeowners in the area. Call us at (914) 241-8100 and let our expert staff work for you.

How Does a Yorktown Height Business Prepare for Flooding?

2/26/2021 (Permalink)

a flooded room with items floating in the water Facing flooding? Act fast with a call to SERVPRO. We offer water removal and flood damage remediation services in your area.

Yorktown Heights Business Owners Can Rely on SERVPRO for Restoration Services

When you own a business, you need to be ready for as many contingencies as possible. Flood damage is one of those events when relying on a fellow business specialized in restoration services pays off. SERVPRO’s professional training and field expertise speak for themselves as soon as you place a call to its 24/7 hotline and invite the team to assess the impact of floodwaters on your space.

Flood damage in Yorktown Heights may manifest itself in many different ways. Some damage may be visible to the naked eye, whereas other dangers may lurk in subfloors and wall cavities. Rather than guessing at the scope of the problem, allow our SERVPRO crew to assess it with our specialized industrial equipment. Among the tasks you can delegate to our team, you can include:

  • Water extraction 
  • Structural drying 
  • Antimicrobial solution application
  • Deodorizing 

Our goal at SERVPRO of Northern Westchester County is to mitigate your loss. Call us at (914) 241-8100 and let us be your expert advisor until your business looks “Like it never even happened.”

If You Love Both City and Suburbs, Mount Kisco is for You

2/21/2021 (Permalink)

a fire damaged bedroom with soot covering everything Did your home suffer through a fire? SERVPRO is standing by with remediation equipment and technicians to mitigate the situation.

Explore the Vibrant Community of Mount Kisco and Make it Yours

In Westchester County, Mount Kisco is famous among historians, particularly for its role in the Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route. It was during this pivotal journey that the village gained its place in history. However, records of its existence date as far back as 1700, when the name Cisqua was recorded in a land deed. In 1875 the settlement in the area was incorporated as the village of Mount Kisco. Its namesake, the Kisco River, feeds into the Croton Reservoir, which helps supply water to New York City. It wasn’t until 1978 that the village was recognized as a town. Celebrating its historical relevance, you can find the Mount Kisco Municipal Complex comprising the United States Post Office and the Mount Kisco Town and Village Hall. The Complex joined the National Register of Historic Places in 1997, and in 2017 the town’s village library was renamed to honor its former mayor, Henry V. Kensing.

Mount Kisco is increasingly attractive to families seeking to leave New York City searching for more space and a diverse community. This 3.25-mile village has historically welcomed immigrants from Ireland and Italy and, in recent years, from Latin America. Affordability is a contributing factor to prospective residents, as housing options are plentiful, from multi-family buildings to mansions. Dining and shopping options are plentiful, as are outdoor activities. Some attractions include:

  • Westmoreland Sanctuary – 640 acres of outdoor fun for the whole family
  • Grand Prix New York- welcomes go-kart drivers year-round into their indoor illuminated track
  • Leonard Park- tennis courts, a playground, basketball courts, and other amenities await its visitors

Aside from what Mount Kisco has to offer, Westchester County as a whole offers good quality of life within proximity to New York City. With its access to roads and public transportation options, the County grew quickly as a natural suburb for those working in NYC. Primarily a community of upper-middle-class residents, many Fortune 500 companies have established their headquarters there, including MasterCard and PepsiCo. Westchester County has also become a hub for biotechnology, with private and public-private investment leading the charge. Like Mount Kisco, Westchester County offers its visitors a glimpse into our nation's history through numerous landmarks. Whether you are looking for quality dining options, performing arts, or outdoor activities, you will find it easily.

Fire Damage to a Mount Kisco Home

Home fires happen in communities around the globe, causing varying degrees of damage. Sometimes the fire doesn’t even have to take place in your home for you to feel its effects. This is especially true in multi-family structures where smoke and soot travel quickly from one unit to another. Whether you are close to its origin or slightly removed from the flames, you should always rely on a professional team such as SERVPRO for your fire restoration services. When we arrive at your place, you should expect us to excel in the following-

  • Establishing physical barriers to prevent cross-contamination
  • Application of EPA-approved cleaning solutions targeted to each surface
  • Deodorization of the space
  • Use of anti-microbial solutions as needed

SERVPRO of Northern Westchester County is ready to help when disaster strikes. Call us at (914) 241-8100 and let us leave your home “Like it never even happened.”

Which Appliances Cause the Most Household Flooding in Yorktown Heights?

2/1/2021 (Permalink)

a woman on the phone standing next to her washer which is malfunctioning Water damage? SERVPRO is prepared with restoration equipment and experienced technicians. Call us at (914) 241-8100 today!

SERVPRO provides water damage repair when appliances cause water intrusion

Water heaters, overflowing bathtubs, and HVAC systems are among the culprits causing household flooding. Other appliances can cause water overflow as well. It often starts small, such as a drip, but can quickly become serious. 

Which Appliances Are the Most Susceptible?

Dishwashers, refrigerators, and washing machines are three of the appliances that cause flooding in a home. When these appliances go haywire, gallons of water can pour into your home. This is when you need water damage repair in Yorktown Heights. A professional company can make a big difference in proper cleanup and restoration. But certain things can help prevent problems.

  • Dishwashers – Dishwasher back up and supply line leaks can cause moisture to overflow. The drain gate should be checked often. A key component is using the recommended detergent.
  • Washing Machines - – A significant risk here is burst supply lines. Check the hoses regularly for cracks, wetness, or pinholes.
  • Refrigerators with Automatic Ice Makers – The problem here is the copper water line that supplies water to the ice maker. It can leak or become unattached.

If you have a catastrophe because of a faulty appliance, contact SERVPRO of Northern Westchester County at (914) 241-8100 for water damage repair in Yorktown Heights.