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What Services Do Mount Kisco Businesses Use for Fire Damage Restoration?

7/23/2021 (Permalink)

The Bagel Emporium fire When a fire destroys your commercial building. SERVPRO has you covered from start to finish.

SERVPRO is a Leading Provider of Commercial Fire Damage Restoration Services in Mount Kisco

Modern business premises contain a plethora of electronic equipment. If a premises fire occurs, then this equipment can often be among the most expensive to replace. SERVPRO has an effective solution for mitigating damages to electronic equipment. Controlling temperature and humidity can often limit losses to electronics in your business. Contact a professional restoration service if you need:

  • Fire damage restoration
  • Fire restoration
  • Smoke damage

Commercial fire damage restoration in Mount Kisco can help inspect electronics for safety and smoke damages. One of the core damaging effects on electronics following a fire can be condensation or soot getting into electric boards. SERVPRO can maintain most electronics above the dew point to prevent condensation damages. We can also remove any electronic equipment from the area of harm and perform dry surface cleaning. 

  • Our crew chiefs can arrange for a dedicated electronics specialist to assess photocopiers, computers, and telephones in your place of work. 
  • While subcontractors arrive, our team can perform essential mitigation such as temperature control and dehumidification for electronic equipment. 
  • In large businesses, we can securely store electronic equipment while the structural restoration is underway. 

A fire at your commercial premises could affect revenue. Contact SERVPRO of Northern Westchester County for fire damage restoration at (914) 241-8100.

Call for Expert Cleanup in Mount Kisco When Experience Flood Damage After a Storm

7/5/2021 (Permalink)

Storm damaged roof; blue tarp installed by SERVPRO protecting damaged area Storm damaged roofs can cause water to enter your home. Did you know that SERVPRO provides emergency roof tarping services?

Mount Kisco Residents Can Trust SERVPRO to Handle All Flood Restoration Needs Carefully

Storms sometimes bring heavy rains, and you never want water intrusion that leads to standing water inside your Mount Kisco home. Water emergencies open the potential for secondary damage and health effects from the onset of mold and mildew growth. The last thing you want is water migration into various cavities or under your floorboards. When you feel the pressure to begin water cleanup, but you are unsure how to handle it or hidden moisture, SERVPRO can help!

For flood damage in Mount Kisco after a significant storm, SERVPRO formulates a targeted approach. Our crew chief begins with water damage assessment, taking note of water contamination, content saturation, and more. This assessment helps us select the best extraction tools, pumps, and cleaning agents to help us perform efficient water removal services.

Equipment that you may notice our water restoration technicians (WRT) using include:

  • Truck-mounted extractors can store over 100 gallons of water, featuring lift capacity starting at 185 inches.
  • Portable extraction tools and submersible pumps that allow us ease of movement to get into various spaces.
  • All of our equipment can get fitted with added weight, attachments, and tools that help us reach our water damage restoration goals faster.

Do you have structural damage or a leaking roof from storms that rolled through? SERVPRO offers board-up and tarping services to help ensure your interior is protected until restoration is complete.

When there is flood damage, SERVPRO of Northern Westchester County is quick to arrive so that we can get started right away. Reach our emergency restoration team by calling (914) 241-8100.

DIY Fire Restoration May Do More Harm Than Good in Mount Kisco

6/21/2021 (Permalink)

smoke entering room from under door; blaze seen from under door It is tempting to DIY fire damage from small fires. Don't go ie alone! Call SERVPRO!

SERVPRO’s Fire Restoration Efforts Ensures Best Results for Mount Kisco Properties

From start to finish, water & fire damage restorations involve many intricate steps. Even Mount Kisco property owners with cleanup and refurbishment experience must know that minute soot deposits left within fire damaged homes can lead to corrosion or foul smells. With many years in the industry with proven success and accolades, SERVPRO addresses fire and smoke damage fast to bring your property back to pre-fire condition.

Any fire restoration project in Mount Kisco has many working parts – including smoke remediation, moisture detection, deodorization, and controlled demolition. SERVPRO handles soot and smoke residue followed by interior deodorization for your surface areas and contents. All musty odors also get addressed that may otherwise develop from water left after extinguishing flames.

SERVPRO brings a lot of equipment and technology to each fire restoration project, including:

  • Vapor-release agents, gels, and beads that work to battle unpleasant odors.
  • Enzyme-enhanced cleaners break down and dissolve odorous particles, making it easier for our powerful filtration units to pull them up. 
  • Ozone generators, air scrubbers, and other tools that help neutralize foul soot and smoke odors.

When it comes to house fire cleanup, controlled demolition is usually required to address unsalvageable charred debris. This work gets carried out by licensed, highly-trained contractors. The process of controlled demolition might include:

  • Smaller repairs to drywall, flooring, and carpeting
  • Larger repairs like a total reconstruction for one or several rooms within the home

Fire restoration and cleanup with SERVPRO of Northern Westchester County gets you the results you need and fast! Call us 24/7 for emergency response at (914) 241-8100.

Is Professional Water Cleanup Necessary in Yorktown Heights?

6/14/2021 (Permalink)

water damaged wall and hardwood; paint bubbling on walls; discoloration on hardwood floors Signs of water damage include paint bubbling and discolored flooring..

Prompt Water Cleanup by SERVPRO Limits Interruption and Cost for Yorktown Heights Property Owners

Your Yorktown Heights property taking on water damage after burst pipes or a ceiling leak from storms can get worse the longer you wait. Costly damages lead to complicated repairs and the need for detailed restoration. Hiring SERVPRO means that you will have a team at your door and ready to help with any emergency services water damage calls. We have a Green Fleet prepared to go 24/7 so that you can worry less and have added peace of mind.

SERVPRO has water restoration technicians (WRT) with the training and experience to formulate an intelligent plan for water cleanup in Yorktown Heights. We utilize proven methods for water removal services and rapid-dry methods, meticulous sanitization protocols – all to help us achieve our goals. Your home is left “Like it never even happened.”

Look for these signs that point to potential water damage:

  • Floors that start to warp or buckle
  • Walls that bubble, swell, or feel spongy/soft to the touch
  • Wallpaper or paint that peels
  • Water spots or discoloration along the walls, ceiling, or flooring
  • Foul, musty, or damp odors

Rapid water cleanup and restoration with SERVPRO on the job include:

  • Powerful submersible pumps and truck-mounted extractors
  • Handheld pumps
  • Light wand carpet extractor tools
  • Injectidry system
  • Moisture detection tools and sensors
  • Industrial-strength air movers, fans, and dehumidification equipment

If water cleanup is not enough, SERVPRO offers water damage repairs with controlled demolition. Removing and replacing unsalvageable materials by skilled contractors brings your property back to its pre-water emergency condition.

Call SERVPRO of Northern Westchester County at (914) 241-8100, and we will send a crew out to assess your water cleanup needs as soon as possible.

How Differently Do Mold Removal Companies Handle Infestations in Yorktown Heights Businesses?

6/4/2021 (Permalink)

mold damage ceiling Mold is no good for anyone's health. SERVPRO has IICRC certified technicians for the mold remediation services for your property.

Professionals like SERVPRO Use Advanced Mold Remediation Techniques in Yorktown Heights Properties

Mold can manifest in different ways in your workplace. Typical signs include visible patches or spots on various surfaces. Sometimes it is the musty smell that alerts you of the underlying problem. 

Although you can try to combat the problem on your own, engaging mold removal companies in Yorktown Heights offers more convenience and delivers better outcomes. SERVPRO has Applied Microbial Remediation Technicians who work to find solutions that match the issues you face in your property. Solutions that offer positive results without causing unnecessary disruptions at the facility are favored.

Our SERVPRO technicians use methods that do not introduce more moisture to the affected areas. An option like dry ice blasting in which pellets of solid carbon dioxide are driven at high pressure to abrade surfaces covered in mold residues is common. There are various other alternatives, including soda blasting and HEPA vacuuming, to remove moldy materials.

While cleanup helps a great deal in restoring materials affected by mold, other processes may be necessary to combat the infestation fully. Our SERVPRO technicians spray biocides to kill spores. We also dry moisture from materials using dehumidifiers with minimal airflow, thus preventing further growth. With our services, you can easily complete: 

SERVPRO of Northern Westchester County has carved a niche among the top mold removal companies. Call us today at (914) 241-8100.

Addressing Structural Issues after Flood Damage in Mount Kisco

5/27/2021 (Permalink)

floating furniture in flood Storm damage restoration is second to none by SERVPRO. We use the latest technology and equipment for every job.

SERVPRO Evaluates the Structure before Starting Flood Restoration in Mount Kisco Homes

Although flooding mostly occurs as an isolated incident, in some cases, it is caused by several issues that combine, leading to the loss. A typical example of this is the stresses on the structure caused by the changing seasons. During winter, the snow piling up on roofs can compromise their structural soundness and thus allowing torrential rain to breach the roof in another season, leading to severe flooding.

Repairing flood damage in your Mount Kisco home should address any underlying issues apart from removing the pooling floodwater and cleaning soiled areas. One essential process when trying to address underlying issues is doing appropriate tests.

When our SERVPRO teams take up flood restoration in a property, we check the level of moisture migration within the structure since water exposure causes material deterioration. Apart from the visible water, hidden moisture might be widespread. Our technicians use unique tools to evaluate the spread patterns. For instance, with thermal cameras, we can identify wet clusters hidden in cavities. We also check how deep the moisture goes into porous materials using penetrative moisture meters.

Another set of tests helps reveal any changes to the foundation of the building or other constructional issues. We check for improperly aligned windows or doors and cracks that might indicate a shifting foundation, ensuring we resolve every issue when addressing:

SERVPRO of Northern Westchester County provides comprehensive flood damage restoration. Call us at (914) 241-8100.

Does The Fire Damage Restoration Method Used In My Mount Kisco Home Matter?

5/20/2021 (Permalink)

kitchen fire Fire damage restoration is no DIY project. SERVPRO has the manpower and equipment for every size of disaster.

SERVPRO Technicians Pay Attention to Detail for Successful House Fire Clean-Up in Mount Kisco

After your home is wrecked in a fire incident, your main concern might be how to clean up and repair affected areas so that you can continue your regular occupation. Therefore you are likely to accept any fire restoration solutions offered. However, you should consider how successful an approach is likely to address the damage to your property.

Successful fire damage restoration in Mount Kisco must address safety, efficiency and deliver a quality outcome. Proper preparation and strategizing are needful after inspecting the fire-damaged homes. 

Our SERVPRO technicians consider how a specific solution is likely to help and why it is the best option since many of the damages left by fire can be resolved in different ways. For instance, removing soot from rough or unfinished surfaces is possible using various methods, including pressure washing, blast cleaning, or even sanding. For indoor locations, blast cleaning is better since it does not create a moisture problem while outdoors; we may opt for pressure washing since it is simpler. We make several other considerations for better outcomes during:

SERVPRO of Northern Westchester County is an established fire damage restoration company. Call us at (914) 241-8100

Sewage and Water Cleanup in Mount Kisco Homes Needs Professional Care

5/3/2021 (Permalink)

hole in ceiling from a water leak SERVPRO offers water damage cleanup after a toilet overflows and creates a mess in your Mount Kisco ceiling

SERVPRO Can Extract Hazardous Water Damage in Mount Kisco Properties Safely

Of all the types of water damage that can affect a property, sewage-tainted issues are by far one of the most dangerous kinds of mitigation. Coming into contact with the water or breathing in the water vapor can introduce bacteria or pathogens into a person with the potential to cause illness.

SERVPRO technicians have decades of experience dealing with water cleanup in Mount Kisco homes. Some of the most common reasons are toilet backups, sewer mainline blockage, or a forgotten tub that overflowed. 

The techs wear personal protective equipment and put up containment to stop cross-contamination. They also bring their proprietary liquid solutions to treat the water to make it safer to handle during extraction and clean surfaces that came into contact with the water. The three most common types of agents to see during this type of water damage mitigation include:

  • Antimicrobial
  • Disinfectants
  • Sanitizers

SERVPRO of Northern Westchester County at (914) 241-8100 serves the local Mount Kisco area for all types of water cleanup. From a leaking roof from storms to sewage backups, the techs can make it, "Like it never even happened."

Yorktown Heights Business Owners Trust SERVPRO for Commercial Fire Damage Restoration

4/27/2021 (Permalink)

burned out food store Retail store owners count on SERVPRO for fire damage cleanup to their Yorktown Heights shops

SERVPRO Has the Tools and Applications for Successful Fire Restoration Services

Post-fire cleanup in commercial properties should get outsourced to a professional mitigation company. Soot can get spread to currently unaffected areas, and improper cleaning methods can further damage the structure and contents.

SERVPRO technicians can begin commercial fire damage restoration in Yorktown Heights structures as soon as the fire department confirms the techs can enter the work-site.

The techs get to work removing charred debris and separating articles for hand-cleaning applications outside the damage zone.

Odor control is crucial

Odor control methods are crucial for capping off a restoration service. There should never be a hint of smoke scent within the property or contents. SERVPRO techs have numerous pieces of equipment such as thermal foggers and ULV misters along with solutions to neutralize odors within the building:

  • Water-based odor counteractants to mix with other cleaners
  • Solvent-based deodorizers
  • Sealants

It is vital that porous items such as upholstered furnishings in reception rooms and offices get tested to ensure that the fabric can tolerate exposure to the cleaning agent chosen for the best outcome.

SERVPRO of Northern Westchester County at (914) 241-8100 brings years of experience and expertise to Yorktown Heights commercial fire damage cleanup jobs.

Flood Damage Cleanup in Yorktown Heights Homes Professionally Done by SERVPRO

4/22/2021 (Permalink)

equipment drying pad Floodwater removal and drying with SERVPRO's advanced equipment in this Yorktown Heights finished basement.

Yorktown Heights Homeowners Rely on SERVPRO for Complete Water Damage Restoration Services

Yorktown Heights has a population of under 2,000 residents; however, for its size, the town has a large number of historical landmarks, particularly related to the American Revolution and colonial times.

Historical Landmarks to Visit in Yorktown Heights

Yorktown Heights possesses many historical landmarks, specifically related to Colonial times and the Revolutionary War. Key points of interest to visit in the town are:

  • Hyatt House
  • Lanes Tavern
  • The Davenport House

The Hyatt House is also referred to as the Boehme-Martens House. This structure is one of the few houses built before the Revolutionary War that is still standing in the northern section of town. The home belonged to Colonel Hyatt, who served as part of the local militia during the American Revolution. The house received a listing in the Registry of Historic Landmarks in 1976.

Lane's Tavern was built in the early 1700s. This pre-Revolutionary home has ten bedrooms and is among the oldest residential homes still standing in the area. The tavern is now a residence, but the house is maintained with much of the original structure intact.

The Davenport House is an important historical landmark in Yorktown Heights. This house, built in 1750, played an important role in history. Initially, it served as headquarters for a Rhode Island regiment during the Revolutionary War. The house was situated in the center of a surprise attack that resulted in several deaths, including several military officers. Another important role of the Davenport House was a haven on the Underground Railroad to shelter runaway slaves after escaping from the South. The home has been listed as a Historic Site since 1976.

New and Old Croton Dam

The original Croton Dam, now referred to as Old Croton Dam, finished in 1842. Constructed as a gravity dam that was 57 feet high and 670 feet long. The dam impounded water for use by residents in the area. This dam functioned until the New Croton Dam that could handle a much larger water load opened. Once the New Croton Dam took on all the duties once split with the Old Croton Dam, the dam was taken offline, and the town sank it at a depth of 34 feet.

Flood Damage From Storms in Yorktown Heights Needs Fast Cleanup

Heavy rains can turn into flash floods quickly in the Yorktown Heights area, and flood damage is something every resident should be prepared for. Because bad weather can strike at any time of the day or night, SERVPRO technicians are ready 24/7 for emergency services water damage cleanup.

The fleet vehicles make the difference for water damage restoration in local properties. SERVPRO technicians can bring a single van loaded with equipment, or for large-scale water clean up, they can bring vans and trucks ready to extract thousands of gallons of water and dry the property. In particular, floodwater that enters a home has a high probability of contamination from a host of sources, including:

  • Sewage
  • Unsanitary agents
  • Harmful bacteria and fungi

SERVPRO of Northern Westchester County at (914) 241-8100 is Faster To Any Size Disaster to handle restoration services for flood damage in Yorktown Heights residential properties.