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How Does a Yorktown Height Business Prepare for Flooding?

2/26/2021 (Permalink)

a flooded room with items floating in the water Facing flooding? Act fast with a call to SERVPRO. We offer water removal and flood damage remediation services in your area.

Yorktown Heights Business Owners Can Rely on SERVPRO for Restoration Services

When you own a business, you need to be ready for as many contingencies as possible. Flood damage is one of those events when relying on a fellow business specialized in restoration services pays off. SERVPRO’s professional training and field expertise speak for themselves as soon as you place a call to its 24/7 hotline and invite the team to assess the impact of floodwaters on your space.

Flood damage in Yorktown Heights may manifest itself in many different ways. Some damage may be visible to the naked eye, whereas other dangers may lurk in subfloors and wall cavities. Rather than guessing at the scope of the problem, allow our SERVPRO crew to assess it with our specialized industrial equipment. Among the tasks you can delegate to our team, you can include:

  • Water extraction 
  • Structural drying 
  • Antimicrobial solution application
  • Deodorizing 

Our goal at SERVPRO of Northern Westchester County is to mitigate your loss. Call us at (914) 241-8100 and let us be your expert advisor until your business looks “Like it never even happened.”

If You Love Both City and Suburbs, Mount Kisco is for You

2/21/2021 (Permalink)

a fire damaged bedroom with soot covering everything Did your home suffer through a fire? SERVPRO is standing by with remediation equipment and technicians to mitigate the situation.

Explore the Vibrant Community of Mount Kisco and Make it Yours

In Westchester County, Mount Kisco is famous among historians, particularly for its role in the Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route. It was during this pivotal journey that the village gained its place in history. However, records of its existence date as far back as 1700, when the name Cisqua was recorded in a land deed. In 1875 the settlement in the area was incorporated as the village of Mount Kisco. Its namesake, the Kisco River, feeds into the Croton Reservoir, which helps supply water to New York City. It wasn’t until 1978 that the village was recognized as a town. Celebrating its historical relevance, you can find the Mount Kisco Municipal Complex comprising the United States Post Office and the Mount Kisco Town and Village Hall. The Complex joined the National Register of Historic Places in 1997, and in 2017 the town’s village library was renamed to honor its former mayor, Henry V. Kensing.

Mount Kisco is increasingly attractive to families seeking to leave New York City searching for more space and a diverse community. This 3.25-mile village has historically welcomed immigrants from Ireland and Italy and, in recent years, from Latin America. Affordability is a contributing factor to prospective residents, as housing options are plentiful, from multi-family buildings to mansions. Dining and shopping options are plentiful, as are outdoor activities. Some attractions include:

  • Westmoreland Sanctuary – 640 acres of outdoor fun for the whole family
  • Grand Prix New York- welcomes go-kart drivers year-round into their indoor illuminated track
  • Leonard Park- tennis courts, a playground, basketball courts, and other amenities await its visitors

Aside from what Mount Kisco has to offer, Westchester County as a whole offers good quality of life within proximity to New York City. With its access to roads and public transportation options, the County grew quickly as a natural suburb for those working in NYC. Primarily a community of upper-middle-class residents, many Fortune 500 companies have established their headquarters there, including MasterCard and PepsiCo. Westchester County has also become a hub for biotechnology, with private and public-private investment leading the charge. Like Mount Kisco, Westchester County offers its visitors a glimpse into our nation's history through numerous landmarks. Whether you are looking for quality dining options, performing arts, or outdoor activities, you will find it easily.

Fire Damage to a Mount Kisco Home

Home fires happen in communities around the globe, causing varying degrees of damage. Sometimes the fire doesn’t even have to take place in your home for you to feel its effects. This is especially true in multi-family structures where smoke and soot travel quickly from one unit to another. Whether you are close to its origin or slightly removed from the flames, you should always rely on a professional team such as SERVPRO for your fire restoration services. When we arrive at your place, you should expect us to excel in the following-

  • Establishing physical barriers to prevent cross-contamination
  • Application of EPA-approved cleaning solutions targeted to each surface
  • Deodorization of the space
  • Use of anti-microbial solutions as needed

SERVPRO of Northern Westchester County is ready to help when disaster strikes. Call us at (914) 241-8100 and let us leave your home “Like it never even happened.”

Which Appliances Cause the Most Household Flooding in Yorktown Heights?

2/1/2021 (Permalink)

a woman on the phone standing next to her washer which is malfunctioning Water damage? SERVPRO is prepared with restoration equipment and experienced technicians. Call us at (914) 241-8100 today!

SERVPRO provides water damage repair when appliances cause water intrusion

Water heaters, overflowing bathtubs, and HVAC systems are among the culprits causing household flooding. Other appliances can cause water overflow as well. It often starts small, such as a drip, but can quickly become serious. 

Which Appliances Are the Most Susceptible?

Dishwashers, refrigerators, and washing machines are three of the appliances that cause flooding in a home. When these appliances go haywire, gallons of water can pour into your home. This is when you need water damage repair in Yorktown Heights. A professional company can make a big difference in proper cleanup and restoration. But certain things can help prevent problems.

  • Dishwashers – Dishwasher back up and supply line leaks can cause moisture to overflow. The drain gate should be checked often. A key component is using the recommended detergent.
  • Washing Machines - – A significant risk here is burst supply lines. Check the hoses regularly for cracks, wetness, or pinholes.
  • Refrigerators with Automatic Ice Makers – The problem here is the copper water line that supplies water to the ice maker. It can leak or become unattached.

If you have a catastrophe because of a faulty appliance, contact SERVPRO of Northern Westchester County at (914) 241-8100 for water damage repair in Yorktown Heights.

Should a Flood Damaged Home in Yorktown Heights Be Decontaminated?

1/29/2021 (Permalink)

a flooded room of a house Contact SERVPRO of Northern Westchester County today at (914) 241-8100 if you need help with professional flood damage restoration.

SERVPRO certified technicians mitigate flood homes impacted by flood damage

Storms and torrential rains can cause flash flooding. Floodwaters can rapidly surge through a home bringing all kinds of contamination with it. This is where the SERVPRO professionals come into action.

Why is Black Water Deadly?

Flood damage in Yorktown Heights can take many forms. Stormwater is a serious concern when it produces flooding. Anything in the path enters into the home. This can include:

  • Dirt and debris
  • Medical waste
  • Chemicals
  • Insects and dead animals
  • Sewage
  • Bacteria and viruses

How is Cleanup Handled?

SERVPRO technicians are trained and certified to mitigate biohazard situations such as black water. We use the proper PPE and follow all OSHA guidelines. One of the products we use for sanitization and disinfecting is our proprietary hospital-grade disinfectant SERVPROXIDE. It is a stabilized chlorine dioxide-based antimicrobial agent that has the EPA’s lowest toxicity rating. Being fragrance is a plus for those sensitive to odors.

Floodwater is nothing to mess with. The contaminants that enter your residence can be deadly to your family. Ensure your home is safe from all health issues by contacting SERVPRO of Northern Westchester County at (914) 241-8100 for flood damage service in Yorktown Heights.

What Can Be Salvaged After a Mount Kisco Fire?

1/24/2021 (Permalink)

a fire damaged kitchen with soot and ashes everywhere Call SERVPRO of Northern Westchester County today at (914) 241-8100 if you need help with professional fire damage restoration.

SERVPRO’s fire damage service in Mount Kisco restores everything possible

The village of Mount Kisco was once part of the town of New Castle and the town of Bedford. In 1978, it became a town in its own right. While small, there are just over 10,800 people living there; it is a historical site of importance. It is believed the word Kisco means "mud" in the Munsee language. September of 1700 is when the mention of the town, Cisqua, appears in colonial records. It occurred in an Indian deed. The spelling was changed in 1850 by a local postmaster and was officially changed in 1875 when it became a village.

Washington – Rochambeau Revolutionary Route

During the Revolutionary War, the French sent troops to help the colonial forces. King Louis XVI sent out 450 officers and 5,300 soldiers under the command of Rochambeau. They landed in Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island on July 10, 1780. The goal was to march his men to where the colonial army was located near White Plains, NY.  Mount Kisco was along the route, and on July 2, 1781, crossed the New York border. 

Marching to Mount Kisco

The French troops set up their first brigade in Bedford Village. They then continued their journey along Route 172, which today is Mount Kisco. The village was home to the troops for six days until they marched out on July 6. They would continue their travel and aid the colonials in conquering the British army, winning independence for the states. 

A Village of Historical Value

Not only did Mount Kisco play a substantial role in the Washington-Rochambeau route, but it also has buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Buildings. They include:

  • Mount Kisco Municipal Complex
  • Merestead
  • St. Mark’s Episcopal Church
  • St. Mark’s Cemetery
  • United Methodist Church and Parsonage

Mount Kisco Municipal Complex

Certified as a national historic district, the Mount Kisco Municipal Complex consists of two buildings contributing to the status. They are the:

  • Mount Kisco Town and Village Hall built in 1931
  • United States Post Office built in 1936

They are architectural delights built in the Colonial Revival style. The Town and Village Hall features an octagonal clock tower that adds to the building’s charm. It once housed the Village Library until it got its own facility in the 1960s. The Post Office features a display of interior murals that tell the history of the town. They were completed by artist Thomas Donnelly in 1936. The buildings became part of the National Register in 1997.

SERVPRO Can Mitigate Fire Damage and Restore Your Home

We understand how difficult a fire can be on a family. Smoke odors permeate the home, and firefighters cause water damage. While necessary to put out the fire, it can add to the overwhelming stress homeowners experience. 

Many people assume everything is a loss, but that is not always the case. Our technicians have the experience and training to provide restoration whenever possible. We do a scope of your home and then put together a plan of action. We clean and sanitize everything that has been impacted and can be saved. Our technicians also protect your home from further damage by:

  • Tarping roofs and boarding up windows
  • Removing water and chemicals from firefighting
  • Drying your home
  • Removing soot
  • Cleaning and sanitizing restorable items
  • Deodorizing the home

SERVPRO of Northern Westchester County provides professional fire damage services in Mount Kisco. Contact us at (914) 241-8100 for all your water, fire, and flood restoration needs.

Mount Kisco Northern Westchester Hospital Offers Online Classes

1/13/2021 (Permalink)

baby lying on floor, smiling Baby on the way? While you check out the virtual prepartion classes, SERVPRO can handle your water damage.

Learn Virtually About Giving Birth at Mount Kisco Northern Westchester Hospital

Northern Westchester Hospital is located on East Main Street, Mount Kisco. There are over 650 Physicians and professional caregivers working at the hospital providing patient care to patients from the area. Due to current health guidelines, many inpatient classes have converted to virtual online forums to protect the patients and professional instructors.

For example, the following are just a few of the many educational classes that are now being presented online:

  • Virtual childbirth preparation class
  • Virtual infant/child safety class
  • Virtual grandparenting 101
  • Virtual sibling class

And many more that may be of interest to people in the community. Each class has different objectives and guidelines. For example, the Virtual childbirth preparation class being held on Jan 16th helps expectant mothers prepare for labor and delivery, relaxation and breathing techniques, pain management, and managing postpartum symptoms.

These online virtual classes are a great way to learn about various health-related concerns and how to treat them.

SERVPRO of Northern Westchester County provides water damage repair services to Mount Kisco residential and commercial business customers and the surrounding area. Call (914) 241-8100. We respond 24/7 to help with all your water damage repair needs.

Choate Sanctuary Is Right Next Door to Mount Kisco

12/23/2020 (Permalink)

Cloes-up of two birds on a branch Mold damage in your home is for the birds! SERVPRO can remediate the issue while you enjoy the Choate Sanctuary.

Mount Kisco Groups Love to Adventure in the Nearby Choate Sanctuary

Choate Sanctuary consists of 32 acres of forest surrounded by residential homes and businesses. There are walking trails where hikers can enjoy the forest's serenity and observe many birds and animals, all in our backyard. There are rolling hills and stone outcroppings that add to the visual enjoyment of your hike. The Choate sanctuary is open seven days a week, from dawn until dusk, free of charge.

Many locals visit the sanctuary regularly to enjoy the forest's beautiful surroundings; however, guided field trips are available for December and January for groups of all ages by contacting the Choate Sanctuary through the Saw Mill River Audubon. Note social distancing is required at this time as per health guidelines currently in effect. Guides leading field trips through the sanctuary can help identify:

  • Various birds,
  • Wildlife and
  • Their habitats

Make arrangements in advance and take your group on a guided tour of the Choate Sanctuary in Mount Kisco. Guides can also tailor the discussion to the group's interests, e.g., Scouts, Classroom curricula, etc.

SERVPRO of Northern Westchester County provides mold removal services to Mount Kisco commercial business customers and the surrounding area. Call (914) 241-8100. We respond 24/7 to help with all your mold removal needs.

Yorktown Heights Offers Many Outdoor Activities for the Family

12/17/2020 (Permalink)

Outside shot of Thompson's Cider Mill Storm damage? You can sip cider at Thompson's Cider Mill while SERVPRO restores you home.

Visit the Yorktown Museum to Experience Early Life

Yorktown Heights is one of five business hamlets that comprise Yorktown: Mohegan Lake, Shrub Oak, Jefferson Valley, and Crompond. There are twelve distinct residential neighborhoods, each with its unique character and identity that add to the area's attraction. The area around Yorktown was first settled in 1683. Yorktown was incorporated in 1788, and there is some indication that military action took place in the area during the revolutionary war. The Business district of Yorktown Heights lies within Westchester County and is 45 miles from New York City.

At one time, there were five railway stations in Yorktown, including one in Yorktown Heights. This railway station was initially built-in 1877. The rail system, owned and operated by the New York, Westchester, and Putnam Railway, has been converted to a rail-trail, and the old station is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Yorktown Heights Station has been restored. It was used as a museum and the office of the local Chamber of Commerce. Currently, it is being used as a visitor center for the town and the area.

Interesting Activities in the Yorktown Heights Area

Residents and tourists visiting the area can enjoy many activities throughout the year in Yorktown Heights and the surrounding area. Farms are offering various products and tours, parks, and gardens to visit. Spend a relaxing day visiting one of the many preserves, trail ways, sports fields, swimming, and golf courses.

  • Local farms in the area and their products include:
  • Fable Farm – Fresh produce and fruit
  • Faraway Farm Alpacas – Meet the Alpacas, purchase garments made from the Alpaca fleece
  • Hemlock Hill Farm & Market – free-range, organic meats
  • Hilltop Hanover Farm – observe a working farm and learn about environmental farming
  • Stuarts Farm – Flowers, vegetables, and fruit in season
  • The Meadows – Fresh Produce
  • Thompsons Cider Mill – sweet & hard cider, pies, muffins, and apple wine
  • White Oak Farm – maple syrup, sawmill, and woodworking shop
  • Wilkens Fruit and Fir Farm – Christmas trees, pumpkins, apples, and an assortment of pies, jams, and preserves 

There are also numerous parks for children and adults to enjoy. For example, Downing park offers bocce courts, tennis courts, ball fields, playgrounds, and cooking grills for outdoor barbeques. Another park, Franklin D Roosevelt Park, has a mammoth pool that can accommodate several thousand people. The Kitchawan Preserve offers over 6 miles of trails with great views of the surrounding hills and a link to the North County Trail way.

Several other preserves in the area also offer trails, scenic views, and views of the wetlands. These include the Turkey Mountain Preserve, Teatown Lake Reservation, and Sylvan Glen Park Preserve. The Sylvan Glen Preserve provides access to old granite quarries along original roads and allows access to several buildings constructed at the time. The quarries are no longer operated.

North County Trail Way

The trail way is 22.1 miles long, passing through Yorktown Heights. There is parking available at two locations within the heights, one near the town hall along Underhill Ave. The trail begins in the town of Mt Pleasant and connects to the South County Trail way. These interconnected trails provide ample opportunities for outdoor activities and cycling through many small villages in the area. There are maps available indicating trail directions and interconnections with other trail systems in the area.

Service Clubs Supporting the Community

Many service clubs support the local community of Yorktown Heights and the town of Yorktown. These clubs and organizations can be found on the Yorktown information websites. A few of the service clubs contributing to the area are:

  • American Legion Post 1009
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Elks Lodge
  • Knights of Columbus
  • Yorktown Historical society
  • Yorktown Lions Club
  • Yorktown Rotary Club
  • Yorktown Small Business Association
  • Yorktown Trail Town Committee
  • Yorktown Museum

The Yorktown Museum is located at 1974 Commerce St. in Yorktown Heights. The museum is open three days a week, on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. There are several permanent exhibits depicting life for inhabitants of the area pre and post-settlement. The exhibits include:

  • Woodland Room – experience the lifestyle of the Mohegan Indians
  • Arthur C Lee Room – learn about farming and how they used tools during the seasons
  • Bob McKeand Room – enjoy railroading circa 1950
  • Marjorie Johnson Room – miniatures depicting a Victorian house, furnished including a ghost
  • Sylvia Thorne Rooms – depicting early Yorktown circa 1750 – 1850
  • Doris and Cortland Auser Research Room – resource materials for help delving into the genealogy and local history

Remove Flood Waters Form Your Home Quickly in Yorktown Heights

Winter storms can deliver howling winds, rain, freezing rain, and lots of snow. Leaks may develop in your roof; snow loads can weaken the roof's structural integrity, causing further damage. Any of these situations can cause severe flooding inside your home. Significant leaks can affect all areas of the residence, your floors, inside walls, and the attic's insulation. Whether the entire house is impacted or just one area of the house, it is essential to remove flood waters and any debris quickly to mitigate the overall damage and avoid mold growth later.

SERVPRO can provide help to return your home to its original condition. We assess the situation and deploy the equipment and technicians as needed:

  • Provide board up and repair to damaged doors, windows, and roof
  • Deploy water extraction equipment to remove water from flooring, walls, and the attic
  • Remove debris and damaged materials as needed
  • Deployment of air movers and dehumidifiers to remove moisture and return humidity to normal levels

We tailor the flood damage restoration services to meet your flood situation and overall damage. We review all mitigation and restoration plans with our clients and their insurance company.

SERVPRO of Northern Westchester County provides flood damage services to Yorktown Heights residential and commercial business customers and the surrounding area. Call (914) 241-8100. We respond 24/7 to help with all your flood damage needs.

Yorktown Heights Refuse and Recycling Event

12/4/2020 (Permalink)

a pile of electronics It will be exciting to see the community taking care of their town by attending the recycling event!

Drop off E-Waste, Textiles, and Tires Dec 16th at the Yorktown Heights Recycling Center

Yorktown Heights is holding the last recycling event of the year on Dec 16th between 7:30 am and 2:30 pm. All residents can drop off E-Waste and textiles, as well as car tires. There will be a $5.00 drop off fee for each tire. Residents should note that they can no longer place tires in their bulk trash collections.

This is an excellent opportunity to get rid of those old keyboards, computers, laptops, printers, tablets, televisions, printers, even old cell phones in a safe and environmentally protective manner. These items, along with textiles, can be dropped off for free at the Refuse and Recycling department located at 2279 Crompond Road in Yorktown Heights. Fabrics should be placed in bags for ease of handling and processing. Old clothing, towels, sheets curtains are a few examples of the items that are being accepted.

Support your town and the local environment.

SERVPRO of Northern Westchester County provides fire damage removal and restoration services to Yorktown Heights Residential and commercial business customers and the surrounding area. Call (914) 241-8100. We are available 24/7to help with all your fire damage removal needs.

Bedford Youth Ceramics WorkShop

11/27/2020 (Permalink)

someone making a pinch pot out of clay It will be exciting to see the community at the ceramics workshop event!

Make Your Personal Textured Plate in Bedford

Bedford residents have an excellent opportunity to participate in a ceramics workshop. They will design and make their textured plates. The event is being held on Dec 7 at 4:30 pm at the Katonah Museum of Art in nearby Katonah.

Jeanne Carreau will virtually lead the event, helping students shape a clay slab into their unique plate using just their hands and a few necessary tools. Everyone can experiment and develop their interpretations of what a ceramic plate should be. The Clay Art Center sponsors the event, and students can select their workshop kits at the museum before the event.

There is room for a maximum of 10 people to participate. This event is for youth from ages 8-14. Participants do not need any prior experience molding clay or ceramics. Imagination and the will to experiment is all that is required while building your textured plate.

SERVPRO of Northern Westchester County provides water restoration services to Bedford residential and commercial business customers and the surrounding area. Call (914) 241-8100. We are available 24/7to help with all your water restoration needs.