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Bedford Youth Ceramics WorkShop

11/27/2020 (Permalink)

someone making a pinch pot out of clay It will be exciting to see the community at the ceramics workshop event!

Make Your Personal Textured Plate in Bedford

Bedford residents have an excellent opportunity to participate in a ceramics workshop. They will design and make their textured plates. The event is being held on Dec 7 at 4:30 pm at the Katonah Museum of Art in nearby Katonah.

Jeanne Carreau will virtually lead the event, helping students shape a clay slab into their unique plate using just their hands and a few necessary tools. Everyone can experiment and develop their interpretations of what a ceramic plate should be. The Clay Art Center sponsors the event, and students can select their workshop kits at the museum before the event.

There is room for a maximum of 10 people to participate. This event is for youth from ages 8-14. Participants do not need any prior experience molding clay or ceramics. Imagination and the will to experiment is all that is required while building your textured plate.

SERVPRO of Northern Westchester County provides water restoration services to Bedford residential and commercial business customers and the surrounding area. Call (914) 241-8100. We are available 24/7to help with all your water restoration needs.

Mount Kisco is a Short Commute to New York, But Why Leave?

11/22/2020 (Permalink)

fire damaged room with burned cabinet Fire damage is often unexpected. Contact team SERVPRO to mitigate the situation during this difficult time.

The Town of Mount Kisco Gets Its Name From a Brook and a Hill

Mount Kisco is not actually that old, having been incorporated as a town in 1978. However, historical information takes us back to 1850 when it was first founded. A local postmaster coined the name when a post office was first established in the area. The word Mount comes from a hill northwest of town, which is only 623 feet high. Kisco was derived from an Indian name, keiskammahoek, which means settlement near a brook or muddy place. The town emerged from portions of two other towns, Bedford and New Castle, each giving up some of their areas to allow Mount Kisco to become an officially recognized town on January 1st, 1978. There are clubs, organizations, parks, and the sanctuary's providing an enjoyable lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle of larger cities such as New York.

Local Clubs and Organizations

There are numerous local clubs in the area contributing to vibrant city life.

  • American Legion and American Legion Auxiliary, Moses Taylor Jr. Post 136Ancient Order of Hibernians (AOH) - Frank H. Fox Division 16
  • Friends in Service Helping (FISH) of Mount Kisco
  • Friends of the Mount Kisco Public Library
  • The Italian American Club of Northern Westchester
  • Knights of Columbus Mount Kisco Sisqua Council 1852
  • Mount Kisco Chamber of Commerce
  • Mount Kisco Arts Council
  • Mount Kisco Historical Society
  • Mount Kisco Lions Club
  • Mount Kisco Parent Connection
  • The Mount Kisco Rotary Club
  • Northern Westchester Hospital Volunteers
  • Free & Accepted Masons, Kisco Lodge 708

Interesting Things to Do In Mount Kisco

The town is close to New York City with all of the attractions of large metropolitan areas. However, there are many attractive things to experience in the village for residents and visitors. For example, there are over 40 restaurants in the town ranging from fast food establishments to fine dining and international cuisine. Also, there are three parks nearby - Leonard Park, Arthur W. Butler Memorial Sanctuary, and Westmoreland Sanctuary.

There are several spas for those who want a more relaxed environment – Epidavros Day Spa and the Rise Above Floatation Spa. The entire family can enjoy the pottery factory, while the kids might enjoy Rockin' Jump.

Arthur W. Butler Memorial Sanctuary

Consisting of rugged rock outcrops and boulder-strewn hills, the sanctuary is rich in flora and fauna, streams, and forests. Originally consisting of 225 acres, the land was donated by Mrs. Butler in 1954 to honor her husband. The sanctuary has grown in size with additional donations and purchases over the years. The fall presents a perfect opportunity to observe the mass migration of birds of prey. The refuge also provides interpretive materials to explain the migration and identification of the various species of birds and animals in the sanctuary.

Westmoreland Sanctuary

The sanctuary consists of 620 acres of wooded countryside. The sanctuary was established in 1957, and the centerpiece is a 200-year-old church serving as the nature center and museum. The church was rebuilt in 1973 and provides exhibits of the local flora and fauna and a window to observe birds and live animals. There are various walking and biking trails through the sanctuary to observe nature and enjoy the environment. Fishing, camping, and hunting are not allowed. Visitors are requested not to leave trash along the trails.

Leonard Park

Leonard Park consists of 116 acres, located on East Main St in Mount Kisco. The park offers a variety of recreational programs. These include basketball, baseball, camps, three swimming pools, and many activities for adults and kids year-round. Local residents enjoy picnics or hang out in the park during the summer and ice skating during the winter. There is also a toboggan hill behind the baseball fields.

Mount Kisco Municipal Complex Added to the National Register of Historic Places

The municipal complex includes the town and village halls built-in 1932 and the US Post office built-in 1936. Both buildings were designed and built in the colonial revival style and have served many purposes over the years. The buildings have been used as a police station and jail, a library, the post office, and more. The interior of the old post office includes murals showing the history of Mount Kisco.

Regional activities and Interesting Things to Do

The town of Mount Kisco was originally carved from the nearby regions of Bedford and New Castle. The town covers an area of 3.1 square miles. The three municipalities reside in Westchester County, share events, and are also close to New York City, with many people commuting to work every day.

Attractions in Westchester County include:

  • Mianus River Gorge Preserve
  • Bedford Playhouse
  • Guard Hill Preserve
  • Saint Matthews Episcopal Church
  • Balloons Over Westchester
  • Untermyer Gardens
  • Lynhurst
  • Kykuit
  • The Westchester
  • Marshlands Conservancy

A Fire Does Not Mean You Lose All of Your Personal Possessions

At SERVPRO, we recognize how stressed many homeowners are after a fire. The damage from the fire and the efforts of the fire department in quelling the fire may seem overwhelming at first. There is also the odor of smoke throughout the home and soot that may have been deposited. However, our training and experience have shown us that many family heirlooms can be saved, especially those items that are personal and trigger memories of better times.

Our first step is to assess the situation and arrange for the appropriate equipment and technical teams to begin work. We aim to clean and sanitize everything possible because we understand how important many items are to the homeowner. We document everything that must be removed and focus on protecting your home while it is being restored. For example:

  •  Boarding up windows and adding tarps on roofs
  •  Removal of water and fire retardant chemicals along with drying your home
  • Soot is removed from all surfaces
  • Restorable items are cleaned and sanitized
  • Deodorization of your entire home

 Minor or major repairs are undertaken to restore your home, "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO of Northern Westchester County provides fire damage restoration services to Mount Kisco residential and commercial business customers and the surrounding area. Call (914) 241-8100. We are available 24/7to help with all your fire damage restoration needs.

Try a New Activity and Support the Mount Kisco Business Community

11/2/2020 (Permalink)

Mount Kisco general sign A Great Place to visit or live, Mount Kisco

As Temperatures Drop, Create Artwork From the Comfort of your Mount Kisco Home

Residents of Mount Kisco have many options to exercise their body and creative minds throughout the Spring and Summer months, but when temperatures drop, you may not want to venture out for a hike or picnic. Since social events are limited due to health recommendations, you may be looking out for entertainment options while supporting local businesses. The Pottery Factory offers a robust virtual “Paint-and-Sip” series of events on several dates into November and December, which you can join by signing up online or on the phone. Attendees should expect the following when signing up-

  • A box of supplies mailed to your home or available through curbside pick up
  • Instructions on a seasonally appropriate work of art to complete
  • Virtual guidance as you work on your project

If you would rather visit the studio in person, you can consult their website for updated event information.

Even if storms and ice are in our forecast, SERVPRO of Northern Westchester County is at your service around the clock. Whenever you need restoration services, call us at (914) 241-8100 and let us leave your home, “Like it never even happened.”

Where Can Mall Owners Seek Help After a Flooding Incident?

10/26/2020 (Permalink)

inside view of two-story shopping mall Don't let floodwater close your mall, call SERVPRO!

SERVPRO Restoration Experts in Yorktown Heights Performs Commercial Flood Damage Restoration

When flooding strikes, your shopping mall can sustain an immense financial loss in ruined products, property damage, and lost income because of interrupting business. If your shopping mall requires flood damage restoration, timing is of the essence. SERVPRO is available 24/7/365 to offer your business a reliable lifeline when you need flood restoration services in Yorktown Heights.

What are the repercussions of flood damage in a mall?

The commercial flood damage in your Yorktown Heights mall can be devastating or minimal, based on various factors. Some of the effects of flood damage in malls include:

  • Property damage – Floodwater and resulting moisture can ruin equipment, inventory items, essential records, and technical systems.
  • Safety and health risks to mall employees, store attendants, and customers.
  • Loss of tenants
  • Legal problems

Every mall is different and could have extra unexpected results after a flooding incident. Malls often cover a large area, and flooding can therefore cause extensive financial devastation.

What does the restoration process involve?

We can begin the restoration process by pumping out the floodwater and assessing the damage. Our SERVPRO team can quickly remove the floodwater using portable or truck-mounted pumps to minimize further damage, such as mold growth. Fast and effective water remediation helps reduce restoration costs and means lower stress for you.

Our technicians can also remove all the irreparably ruined stock and equipment. We usually attempt to salvage ruined items where possible. We can clean the building extensively using specialist equipment and look out for structural damage that can place you and your tenants at risk. Our technician can then dry and dehumidify the affected areas to prevent foul odor and mold infestation. We concentrate on the fast drying of a building to minimize moisture levels.

How do you deal with contamination?

We categorize floodwater as blackwater, meaning that it has microbial contamination, which is unwelcome in malls, especially if fast-food restaurants are present in the building. To eliminate microbial contamination, we can completely remove the contaminated materials. We also use disinfectants that kill about 99 percent of harmful microorganisms on the surfaces where we apply them.

Do not let flood damage in your mall affect your income. Call SERVPRO of Northern Westchester County at (914) 241-8100 for help. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Can Professional Post-Fire Job Scoping Expedite Claims Approvals?

10/19/2020 (Permalink)

fire insurance workup on tablet Yorktown Heights Residences Benefit from SERVPRO's Professional Fire Damage and Cleanup Services. We work with your insurance carrier.

Our SERVPRO professionals can work with your insurance provider to present the appropriate information necessary to approve damage claims made on Yorktown Heights homes after a fire.

Fires can be among the most destructive and damaging situations that your Yorktown Heights home faces. With the speed that fires can spread, first responders work fast to quell the flames and extinguish the blaze entirely. In the same vein, restoration professionals must respond as quickly once it is safe to begin initial actions that protect the property and its occupants. From temporary roof tarping and board up to content relocation and air quality control, we know how critical a fast response becomes.

Because fire damage restoration for Yorktown Heights homes can feature so many layers of cleaning and recovery, the process should begin as soon as possible. Unfortunately, home insurance policies do not always immediately greenlight all the restoration that your home needs beyond fire debris removal and specific mitigation tasks. Our SERVPRO team works to provide the most efficient and streamlined approach to get the go-ahead to begin clean up.

How Plausible is DIY Cleaning After a Fire?

Many homeowners attempt to provide the work and attention that their properties need after fire and water losses. The DIY approach is often undesirable when you consider several variables that make cleaning challenging and potentially hazardous. These include:

  • Soot – Soot can be among the most palpable cleaning challenges for DIY approaches, primarily because exposure to these particles can be hazardous to your health. Also, depending on the material affected and the type of residue, many potential cleaning strategies might be necessary. 
  • Smoke – The spread and concentrations of smoke can directly impact the thickness and strength of odors after a fire loss. Deodorization techniques must get used to remedy these circumstances as soon as possible. Often these actions fall to thermal fogging and other approaches specific to professional restoration. 
  • Structural Damages – Not only can surface cleaning and deodorization be a concern, but the impact on fire debris and partial structural collapse showcase the need for professional restorers and contractors. 

What Can Job Scoping Determine?

Pre-mitigation evaluations of the property can help each element of our SERVPRO response be on the same page with the structure's restoration needs. Each scoping task seeks to uncover the same underlying details about the building and its current conditions, including:

What Can Our SERVPRO Team Provide Insurance Companies?

Your insurance company is not only for making damage claims easy, quick, and carefree. In many cases, you can get tied up in the processes and paperwork for days, all while your home's condition worsens. As a preferred vendor for many insurance companies in the area, we can directly reach out to them about what they require to approve your damage claim submission. Our initial inspection can provide several critical details, including:

  • Estimations – Using software like Xactimate and other programs, we can maintain a concise and legible estimate of restoration and reconstruction services necessary after a fire loss. 
  • Damage Assessments – A thorough inspection of the property is part of what your insurance company is looking for when they insist on professional evaluations. We catalog damage and losses to streamline the approval process. 
  • Restoration Plan – Most insurance providers want to know the plan and suggested actions to return a property to preloss condition. Detailing this approach ensures that we can complete the restorative measures your house needs. 

Is Professional Assessment Faster?

Perhaps one of the most direct advantages to SERVPRO damage assessment and scoping of the job is the efficiency of this approach. With our experience in the fire restoration niche, we know the signals and signs to look for when structural elements become compromised or other conditions that threaten the home or occupants. DIY evaluations can easily miss subtle cues of more significant concerns, but with the advanced tools and technologies that are part of our inspection and assessment, we can better protect your residence and its contents.

The value of pre-job scoping of fire-damaged properties cannot be understated. Not only can this evaluation help to determine the specific restoration plan for your property, but it can also provide the appropriate information for your insurance company to aid in the securing of a damage claim through your provider for your property. Because of how quickly these situations can get out of control, it is critical to contact our SERVPRO of Northern Westchester County team as soon as possible at (914) 241-8100.

After Technicians Remove Excess Water, How Do They Dry My Home?

10/5/2020 (Permalink)

air movers and ducts drying attic HEAT-Heat, Evaporation, Air Movement, and Temperature formula works for SERVPRO water mitigation in Yorktown Heights commercial and residential sites

SERVPRO Professionals Create a Goal and Drying Strategy for Your Yorktown Heights Home

After a water leak from a kitchen or bathroom in your Yorktown Heights property, simply removing excess water with a shop vac and old towels does not mitigate secondary damage from the increased moisture. It is critical to understand the multi-pronged approach to adequately drying your home. When faced with visible damage, homeowners do not always understand the importance of drying the impacted area to preloss status.

Does Successful Drying Have to Include Extraction?

SERVPRO requires the removal if standing water is present

Extraction is one of the essential components for your water mitigation project in Yorktown Heights. Without proper extraction, you are facing long-term issues such as compromising drywall and flooring. The more time spent removing water from your home with portable or truck-mounted extraction equipment, the faster the drying process. Truck mounts can extract hundreds to thousands of gallons each day, while standard dehumidifiers only remove 30 gallons a day.

What are the Key Factors for Drying?

  • Temperature: The optimal drying temperature ranges from 70° to 80°. Anything above 85° can force too much moisture into the air, extending the drying time.
  • The amount of water vapor: The more time technicians spend extracting water from the impacted area, the shorter the dry time. It pays to extract because any remaining moisture requires evaporation, then dehumidification.
  • Humidity: Too high relative humidity (RH) extends the dry time. Ideal RH is 30% to 50% anything over that increases dry time. Technicians control humidity with dehumidifiers, negative air pressure, and heaters, including exterior fuel generated furnaces
  • Air Movement: Bringing warm, dry air into the impacted area with an air mover while pushing out damp air speeds up the drying process.

For 24/7 Assistance following a water leak, contact SERVPRO of Northern Westchester County at (914) 241-8100. We make it, "Like it never even happened."

Why Should I Choose a Mold Remediation Company that Carries Out Moisture Testing?

9/14/2020 (Permalink)

sign for mold fungus mildew When Water Leaks Lead to Mold Damage in Your Mount Kisco Home--Contact SERVPRO for Superior Remediation

Mount Kisco Residents Want to Reduce the Chance of Mold Returning

Nobody in Mount Kisco wants to deal with fungal growth in their home. Fungi can smell terrible, can damage drywall and stucco, looks unsightly, and can even cause health effects. However, dealing with minor disasters and getting repairs is part of being a homeowner. The best move is to hire a professional when you need them.

If you are looking for a mold remediation company in Mount Kisco, choose a firm like SERVPRO that understands how to search for hidden sources of moisture. To understand why this is so important, you must first know how and why mold grows and spreads.

What is mold?

Mold is a naturally-occurring fungus that is present throughout nature. Fungi do not obtain energy from sunlight as plants do – instead, they metabolize the material they live on. Mold is necessary for outdoors because it helps break down decaying organic matter, such as dead plants. However, mold can also travel indoors, and you do not need it in your home.

How does mold spread?

One of the things mold needs to form new colonies is fresh mold spores. If you have fungi growing in your home, spores can break away from the colony and travel through your house. Spores can hitch a ride:

  • On clothes and shoes
  • On shopping bags
  • On pet fur
  • On air currents or through HVAC systems

Mold can enter your home from outside, and if you have a colony in your home already, the spores can spread from there and find new places to grow.

How does mold grow?

Mold needs several things to propagate:

  • Mold spores
  • Organic material to feed on – in your home that includes paper, wood (cellulose), wool, cotton, and drywall
  • Warm, dark conditions – mold often grows in bathrooms, laundry rooms or basements
  • Oxygen
  • Moisture

Given the right conditions, most molds can start growing within 48 hours. Certainly, a good reason to call SERVPRO of Northern Westchester County at the first sign of fungus in your home. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster, and the sooner you get us, the sooner we can commence mold remediation.

How can I make it harder for mold to grow?

There are some things you cannot control, and some things you can. Let us consider the above list and see what is controllable.

Because mold spores are naturally occurring, you cannot prevent them from entering your home, but with a well-maintained HVAC system, with HEPA filters, you can minimize spore circulation.

You cannot remove all possible food sources, because that would mean no textiles, no wood, no cotton, and even no wallpaper or drywall! You cannot keep every part of your home brightly lit at all times, either.

Mold likes warm places, and you cannot keep your home uncomfortably cold to prevent fungal growth.

However, one thing you can often control is the presence of moisture. SERVPRO can test moisture levels and help dry your home.

Why is moisture assessment necessary?

Not every source of moisture is visible. Perhaps you noticed water pooling in the corner of your basement or around the bathroom faucets and a mold colony nearby. But you cannot tell if there is moisture hidden behind fixtures or fittings, or whether the damp seeped into a wall or baseboard.

Moisture testing gives a fuller picture of the situation, which means more effective remediation.

What moisture testing equipment does SERVPRO use?

We equip our teams with several kinds of moisture testing equipment.

Moisture meters measure the moisture content of various types of material, such as wood or gypsum. Most meters are calibrated for wood, and we can use that scale to compare the relative levels in different kinds of material. Penetrating moisture meters pierce the material and use electrical conductivity to read the levels, while non-penetrating meters use conductivity, capacitance, or radio signals.

We use moisture sensors for carpet and carpet pad. They pierce through the material to check if water has reached the sub-floor underneath.

Thermo-hygrometers measure the relative humidity and temperature of the air to compare readings between areas affected by mold, and those not affected by it.

Thermal imaging cameras measure the temperature of building materials, which helps us build a picture of how moisture has traveled throughout the material.

Detection equipment lets us look beyond visible mold colonies and assess the situation thoroughly.

What can SERVPRO do about moisture?

Once we have uncovered the presence of moisture, it is essential to take action to reduce it. Reducing and then eliminating water drips and leaks make it harder for mold to come back.

We use air movers and dehumidifiers to dry out the area, including carpets and textiles. We continue to monitor moisture levels while we work to ensure everything is properly dried.

We can also recommend repairs or other steps to reduce moisture in the area.

 If you need a mold remediation company with the right tools and expertise, call SERVPRO of Northern Westchester County at (914) 241-8100.

What Should I Look for When Selecting a Fire Restoration Technician for my Business?

9/8/2020 (Permalink)

smoke detector becoming surrounded by smoke Smoke and soot can damage your business as much as the flames. SERVPRO knows how to clean the damage.

Certified Fire Restoration Technicians are Essential to Restoring your Business in Mount Kisco

If your Business in Mount Kisco has fire damage, your need to vet the restoration company you choose based on its training and credentials. As overwhelming as the restoration may seem, a reputable team can break down the steps towards repairing your space and mitigating the fire's impact. When flames ravage your business, the sooner you can get a team to coordinate with insurance needs and allow you to resume operations in some capacity, the less exposure you'll have. 

Before you embark on fire damage restoration efforts in Mount Kisco, select SERVPRO and our certified group of technicians. The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) is the certifying body in our industry, and our team learns from its experts regularly. We are well-versed in the theory of fire and the cleaning of surfaces and specialty drying solutions through our training. This knowledge is necessary to treat your Business after the flames, and the ensuing water is spread throughout.

What should I know in preparation of an efficient fire restoration process?

You can rely on our SERVPRO staff's expertise during the fire restoration process, but it doesn't hurt to have some familairity of what we do. As we consider the next steps, we consider the materials and the type of residue left behind. We also pre-treat each surface to ensure that abrasive cleaners will not damage them further. We may quickly discard some items beyond repair and move others to a staging area to clean and store them until it is safe to return them to their original spot. Among the cleaning methods we use, you will find the following:

  • Vacuuming which lets us remove large volumes of soot
  • Dissolving agents which help loosen deeply embedded residue for easier removal
  • Dry sponges which contain a chemical solution to help us remove oily residue

SERVPRO of Northern Westchester County prepares for fire emergencies of all sorts. Call us at (914) 241-8100 as soon as you can and enlist our help. As business owners ourselves, we understand how important it is to leave your workplace, "Like it never even happened."

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Summer Storms Caused Flooding in My Yorktown Heights Home – What Can I Do to Help?

9/6/2020 (Permalink)

overview of person standing on wood floor in a flooded home Flood damage to your property is hard to deal with and can cause great stress. Contact SERVPRO 24/7 for remediation and mitigation services.

Storm Damage in Yorktown Heights Requires Professional Water Mitigation Services

Yorktown Heights is a lovely location in Northern Westchester, NY. Farmland, rolling hills, and private residential areas make up much of the region. Summer storms can cause flash flooding that can damage homes.

What Can I Do After Flooding?

Flood damage to homes in Yorktown Heights requires a professional water damage company to clean up the flooding properly. The best thing you can do when flood waters come surging through your home is to get your family to safety. Floodwaters are contaminated with such things as:

  • Dirt and debris
  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Chemicals 
  • Medical waste
  • Dead animals and insects

This is known as black water and can be hazardous. It should not be entered without the proper Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). Our Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) certified team understands the risks. They are trained to mitigate the scene correctly.

What SERVPRO Does After Flooding

When our techs arrive on the scene after a flood, emergency mitigation is typically needed. Ensuring the building is safe is priority. This can mean tarping up the roof, checking for electrical concerns, and inspecting structural components. Water extraction is the primary concern once safety is assured. Our IICRC techs use industrial-strength pumps designed to extract water, which contains debris and trash. Other water remediation includes:

  • Drying the home with air movers, dehumidifiers, and industrial-strength fans.
  • Using antimicrobial and antifungal agents on the water and contaminated surfaces.
  • Removal and disposal of irreparable items.
  • Pack out services if necessary for content.
  • Cleaning and restoring your home and its content.
  • Leaving your home, “Like it never even happened.”

Flooding in your home can turn your world upside down. As homeowners with families, we understand what that can mean. You need as little disruption as possible. We take on the stress of restoring your home, so you have one less thing to deal with. Our expert technicians are available 24/7 to provide the help you need.

Contact SERVPRO of Northern Westchester County at (914) 241-8100 for professional flood damage service. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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A Fire in My Attic! Now, What Should I Do?

8/24/2020 (Permalink)

dry ice machine blast cleaning Fire damage cleanup and control by SERVPRO--We have advanced equipment to Help Yorktown Heights owners feel, "Like it never even happened."

For Fire Damage Restorations Services Inside the Attic in Your House in Yorktown Heights Call SERVPRO

The attic inside your Yorktown Heights home can contain heating vents and electrical wires, which could become the source of a small blaze. Even if the fire in your attic does not burn a large number of your structural components, issues can still arise. The smoke coming from the burnt materials can cause soot residues and foul odors to exist.

How do you determine what items in my house got affected by the fire?

As a part of fire damage restoration in Yorktown Heights, our SERVPRO technicians start the process by inspecting your entire house for the presence of charred materials, soot residues, and foul odors. We start examining from the source of the blaze and then work from there and then into other areas of your home. Depending on the rigor of the fire, we may find that sections of your ceilings or roof trusses got burnt bad enough to where they have to be removed and replaced. If there are no building materials that got charred significantly, then we can access your attic and decide what we can do to remove stored contents along with the residues to help expel unpleasant aromas.

How can you remove residues and foul odors from my attic?

  • Remove Surface Charring: If there is charring on your roofing trusses or other wood inside your attic that is less than a quarter-inch deep, then we can sand off the burnt materials.
  • Another method is to use dry-ice blasting--rasping the slight charring with pressured pellets--and no water to exacerbate the damage
  • Remove Damaged Insulation: If the insulation inside your attic comes into contact with smoke or gets burnt, then we can remove and replace it so that the materials are not the source of foul odors.
  • Seal Wooden Structural Components: After the charring gets removed from any affected wood in your attic, we can spray the areas with a specialized sealant paint to seal in any burnt smells.

If you have a fire start inside your attic, call SERVPRO of Northern Westchester County at (914) 241-8100 24/7.