What our Customers say...


My tutoring center also ran a kitchen to feed our students, until some fried fish caught on fire. The stench was unbearable and filled every room. Thank you for making the place fit for occupancy again.

My neighbors asked why I chose SERVPRO to manage the flood cleanup and I told them because you have all the equipment and always use the most effective methods. I couldn’t do it without you!

Really impressed! The snow drifted up high enough that when it melted, water got in between the siding and the next layer. We were freezing every time we went into that side of the house.

So glad my uncle told me about SERVPRO when I mentioned the furnace was making loud booming noises.

Our new building came with roofing defects that came to light at the first heavy storm. Thanks for helping us stay operational by getting us dried out and staying that way.

Thank you for being a company who delivered on its promises about fixing my attic and the roof. The snow here is very dense and weighs so much more than I expected.

My wife and I own a landscaping business. We thought we were going to lose everything to a fire. SERVPRO walked us through every step. We tell our B2B clients about your READY Plan now.

My Grandmother visited and noticed the wall in her room was super hot. SERVPRO checked and found that the chimney was full of creosote.

My slate roof got tore up from ice that got in between some of the pieces and cracked them. Thank you for finding replacements that matched almost perfectly.

After I explained to my mother-in-law that SERVPRO’s techs train all the time she understood why I wanted them to fix her apartment’s roof where the trees fell. Everything’s dry now and she’s content. Thanks!

When we heard that major flooding was imminent, my boss reminded us of the great job SERVPRO did at our office, so I knew who to call. Thank you so much for saving my home.

Neighbor kids caught my shed on fire smoking cigarettes. You organized everything so I could see what needed replaced and cleaned the rest.

When my Mom asked why I called SERVPRO instead of Dad to clean up the mold in the basement, I told her because I knew you’d close off the area to keep the spores from spreading.

Your employees worked so fast and well together. Impressive! I tell my employees that any future incidents with flooding in the basement warrants an immediate call to you.

After Dad passed away, we found out that squatters had lived there and caught the front room on fire. My uncle said to call SERVPRO to get it cleaned up. It’s like we remember now. Thanks!

Our basement flooded with several feet of water after a power outage that shut down our sump pump. It has flooded before but never like this. Late on a Sunday SERVPRO was on site in less than an hour with generators and powerful pumps and had the water out quickly.  Everything was completely dry in just a few days.  These people work miracles and are indispensable in emergency situations like this.  They are the ones you want to call.

When this happened I thought we were finished - I thought we would be closing our doors for good, but you had us back up and running very quickly and continued to work around us to meet our needs.  I would go so far as to say you saved our business.  Can't thank you enough.

We so appreciate how respectful your team was of our things.  They took great care as they were working.  They just did a terrific job and we couldn't be more relieved.  Thank you.

We had a flooded basement yesterday and so we called serv pro as well as our usual handyman.

Doug, Walston and Paul were fantastic. They had a great attitude, were super helpful and I’d call them back any time -- though I hope I don’t have to.

They interacted great with the other team which I really appreciate

I was impressed by the immediate response and the professionalism of the project manager Marc.

Thank you so much for your kindness and helpfulness. Never having been through this before you really made a bad situation better. Thank you again.

Many many thanks for getting everything completed in "new " condition. The unit looks great!. I saw the sweat that went into this project and you did a great service for Geraldine so she can make her deadline. I couldn't imagine when we first spoke that everything would come together just as you promised, down to the last lightbulb. Many thanks.

The new flooring was installed on Tuesday and the re-painting began yesterday. So, the house is getting back to normal. Thank you for all of your efforts on my behalf!!! I'll never forget it! PLEASE feel free to use me as a reference!!

In the dozen plus years we've worked together on numerous losses, your work- including quick response, supervision of staff, customer service to the client and solid work product has always make ME look good for getting you involved!! Again, thank you and the kind folks at SERVPRO of Northern Westchester County - it is appreciated!

This is the first time in 30 years of home ownership that I ever had a problem like this. I would highly recommend SERVPRO of Northern Westchester County. They identified the problem and fixed it in a timely manner.

Thank you for all your help yesterday with the clean up of our basement and advice regarding getting information together of insurance. Your team did a great job yesterday and the will be out Monday to continue the work. We feel relieved to have a team in here that we trust to get our basement clean and safe again.

Your team was very professional and appreciated the speed with which you responded to my question and to the details of the job. The finished bathroom looks great and I will be passing your information on to friends and family. Thank you again for turning a stressful situation into a pleasant result.

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the people sent out to clean my house after my furnace puff back. One of your employees found my daughters diamond earring and put it back on to her dresser. I can't tell you how impressed I am of the honesty of that person and I hope this person can be commended for it. Also, I wanted to mention the gentlemen that came to my house to steam clean my rugs were so polite and professional I look forward to working with you in the future.

I want to thank you again for your most helpful response to the water damage accident that occurred in my condo recently. Your speedy arrival and organization of the repairs, repainting and clean up for what seemed to me an overwhelming catastrophe made the recovery move forward in a most timely fashion. You always answered my calls and questions, and this greatly eased my worries. The place looks better than ever due in no small part to your expertise.

I would like to thank you and your company for the quick response to the emergency water extraction at our Ridge Road Elementary School. Your company’s quick response saved us valuable time in repairing our equipment, allowing us to open the school in a timely manner. Your staff worked professionally and had us ready to do our repairs the next morning. We look forward to working with SERVPRO of Northern Westchester County on future projects.