Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery

female employee posing in a warehouse wearing a hard hat

Erika Receives "Pro" hard hat!

After being recognized by Crew Chief Leo Sagrero, Crew Chief Erika Caballero is the latest recipient of the “Pro” hard hat. She has been an asset in two large jobs over the past two weeks.
Days before two schools were set to welcome back their students; they discovered mold.
Erika directed 15 technicians to wipe down 60+ classrooms and address the mold damage. She has worked tirelessly in preparing these schools for the students and teachers to have a safe and clean environment.
Outstanding commitment, Erika!

Wood cabin with shelves with small items on the shelves

Professionalism and Attention to Detail for All Types of Mount Kisco Restoration Services

Not every job SERVPRO goes on in Mount Kisco is for water damage, fire loss, mold remediation or biohazard issues in a property. Sometimes it is for a deep cleaning so a television show can film a segment and that is exactly what happened in this wooden cabin.

Basement rafters with mold growth

Chappaqua Basement with Mold Damage in Rafters

Water leaks and highly humid conditions in a Chappaqua basement set this property up for mold damage. Technicians found the colonies growing on the wood rafters, as wood is a favorite consumable for mold. After abatement, treatment with antimicrobial sealants is common to prevent reestablishment.

restaurant with tables and chairs set up ready for business

Armonk Post Fire Damage Cleanup in Pizzeria

You would never know it to see it today, but this pizzeria in Armonk had severe fire damage due to a kitchen fire. SERVPRO technicians cleaned and restored the kitchen and removed the smoke damage and odor in the restaurant. 

bathroom showing cutaway floor with sewage damage

Katonah Water Damage Plus Sewage

The presence of sewage complicates the cleanup of this Katonah bathroom with water damage. The floating floor required removal of both the tile and subfloor using controlled demolition techniques. The technicians have cut away the problem area to prep it so any needed repairs can happen. 

wall removed showing studs and furnace in next room

The Service Area in a Mount Kisco Condo and Controlled Demolition

The water from the burst pipe wicked up the walls of the mechanical room's walls in this Mount Kisco condo basement area. Our SERVPRO team can remove the ruined sheetrock, dry out the area, and apply a fungicide based primer to inhibit the growth of mold. Attention to detail, and completing the job following best practices means a return visit to fix an incomplete job is pretty remote. Count on us, why take a chance?

Poly sheeting containment barrier to isolate the work area

Mount Kisco Water Damage to a Factory

A mold patch had appeared behind the containment barrier in this Mount Kisco fabricating plant. By isolating just the infested area, normal operations were allowed to continue. Just another reason Why SERVPRO is recommended by many insurance carriers to mitigate the damages and downtime to their commercial accounts. Homeowners, we can help, just give us a call.